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No Nagas, John I'm concerned because there's nothing wrong. And what are you going to say to your fans when they ask you some questions about that feel good? Got a brand new bag. It's a man world. I believe there's more to it than that. I don't believe that. That's where it stops. Either. I believe CNN is going to give us yet. More footage audio from a long time ago, the women love you when you get out there. Why do you think that is? Good good. And you sing good and make love good. Oh. Well, there we are. We don't have to ask anybody else. We got that from the Senate. Now, the most genius thing. Filmmaker Jordan Peele has ever done. And it's not get up. It's actually just a shot for shot. Recreation of that interview where he plays James Brown it seemingly just entertain themselves because it wasn't for key NPR. It was you just put it out on the internet. It was something he wanted to do just the entire interview as it was were he's just James Brown. Can we put it on the poll? Get out. I'm sorry. Get out. Oh, I thought he produced Greenies new morning show. Raindrop dropped tub. Time to read the script for hot spot. Put it on the poll. Please Jordan peels greatest work. Is it get out get up or a shot for shot? Recreation of that scene. We need to pref. Well, it's too late to preface anything. We're not laughing at domestic abuse beat clear on that. We're laughing at the late James Brown. Being bet bleep crazy. That's what we're laughing about. There was a lot going on there. There was get out get up get on up. It was a lot. Eight days away from Valentine's Day are you hoping for America?.

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