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Even those scientists who have been working in this field were blown away by some of the stuff so they continue to wanna work with me. I have an incredible astrophysicists from harvard. Rudy shield You know he thanked god. He was a friend of john mac and so at harvard so he was very open already. He stumbled on all this ufo stuff. And you know sti- abilities through john so that's why he was already very open and so i wanted to include him because he's brilliant the way he he understands the universe and now seem time Kind of merge the two. You know the understanding of the universe with The potential of human consciousness. He was also very good. Friend with Edgar mitchell the astronaut who also founded ions at the time. and so. that's how those guys came about. They were already open very interested. No one had ever done anything like this before in a film format so they wanted to participate. And that's the signs. I hope i didn't forget anybody but But for the past it was actually just through friends and we did go through casting but It ended up being just whoever felt that they would be willing and open to to trying something like this on camera and they ended up being amazing actually So we have an actress. Rachel brooke smith and corey feldman. You know so through friendship through friends and through casting folks That's how they came about. Because i mean at the end of the day i could do this for years and years. But what's the point. The point is not that i can do. The point is that anybody can do it. Anybody can walk hand we can show them how to move an object their mind and then they can do it. And so that's why. I wanted to include as many people as i could think of was certain anybody in the cast not the scientists but the cast itself that surprise themself and then even you were surprised what they got out of it or they're Results yeah. Rachel was the most mind-blowing on say because When we did the the remote viewing she had never done anything like this before like she had no idea what remote viewing was actually and so i said well maybe like the david for film acid. Well maybe you should read a little bit about it so so you have an idea but she walked in and in fact we shot that scene in utah and Because we had other things there and so she flew from california to utah like the night before eleven. Piano and the next day she came directly to set So she didn't. What i'm saying is she didn't really know even though you have an idea what utah looks like. But where we were she would. She didn't really know what the environment look like. Or anything and so we went directly to sat. and we're filming and basically the experiment was Mehan a couple of other crewmembers. We were gonna go somewhere remotely and she was going to try to see what we were doing. That's remote viewing and so through. Whatever shapes colors textures that we were coming in contact with and so paul smith will you know who is Who worked miss target program or muggings. Stargate program in the government..

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