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Sixers, President Trump, Dane discussed on Full Court Press



Like there's not really any reason to think that it's like okay youth that's going to hold you back even if you have surprised talent they obviously had the supreme talent they made that very clear joel embiid ben simmons top fifteen players so it's like oh but they're young it's like no they're fifteen players they're great like i mean like what more is there to say if they're young and really good than they're still really good you know like that's that's the big thing for me is that like the sixers the sixers talent is overcoming their youth and quote unquote inexperience and to me that is not shocking but what do you think this the coaching too in what's what's probably most impressive president me i still don't know what i think about sixers versus raptors i mean i feel silly saying that on some level so there has to be something there about that being yeah that's really but i just i'm not saying it shouldn't it might maybe it should be obvious right now i there's just been too many games going the last few weeks to get down to the second round where i had more bandwidth to really kind of go in and think about how to really gonna go if they get there but for me when when they true they get there but for me brett brown that coaches that deserve a lot of credits because what's really impressive to me is that he he'll make lineup changes like deadball deadball deadball deadball and he's like you know playing chess in doing a perfectly when i recorded last week with dane we talked about the fact that once the bead came back on it couldn't play in the brit brow was toying with olympic and that he would pull in bead and spotlit put a lynn again the next to the ball back in the pool olympic and brown was effing with spoke and a lennick the press part of that is that even when brown is doing the like hyper cycling players that balls to get those matchups and and of stay and he's done that all five players on the team exactly what's going on than to expect exactly what they're supposed to do they're not lost in lightweight whom i guarding or what are we running on they.

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