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But I never really thought of it until after my first appointment and even then though my first appointment was the Iraq invasion. I admit Afghanistan's because I was in Korea Made a commitment. I think that even though I tried but couldn't so I came back stateside for People Kentucky. I was there for four months and shipped off to Iraq unit and we invaded that. We came back eleven months later. And that's when we started talking about. Ptsd because you gotta come through. You GotTa go through reintegration aunts. They hand you these little cards and you gotta fill up these little cards about how you're feeling and what your feeling are and you have to talk to a Arab for about five minutes but over the car but yeah you're good to go by and everybody knows everybody knew at that point where you put on there like yeah. I'm having anxiety attack. Crafts like all the different kinds of You're you're probably not going to go on another deployment or maybe an you'll be able to serve in the military so everybody you know not everybody. I'm not trying to make a lot of people from what I feel what I've talked to. You know we discuss things and chaired being pretty much live from the card and says yeah no great. I'm and you know you don't take the friend do it? So being back on that deployment loud noises start on me. I wasn't having. I would consider nightmares. I would add dreams. Whatever ends about being void. You know the one. We'll stop it if I was bear. Not relenting a negative memory or anything like that. It's just about being in Iraq But out of nowhere and I didn't realize it out. I mean any idea attacked especially while I was driving and at that point implying where we were. We worked our way all the way from way up in Allah Baghdad. Remarkable.

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