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At Rick Adelman dot com that's rice filmon dot com WMAL FM would which Washington while five point nine FM W. H. Q. where Washington comes to talk M. A. L. news at ten thirty good morning I haven't heard it three thousand US troops are heading to the Middle East to fight back against any retaliation a Ron takes for the airstrike that killed general Qasim Solomonic but with his funeral underway today that may impede possibly any broader retaliation perhaps the run ins do not want to make signals to that degree do something well this burials continue to play out and we may possibly looking at a more strategic longer term response or something that happens at a time and place of Iran's choosing correspondent Nick Paton Walsh lots of disagreement among Republicans and Democrats over whether killing someone money was a good move there's one thing that everyone agrees on which is that's all the money was a bad man a Republican think that this was the right action that president trump did the right thing but Democrats want to know more you there is a huge question mark here and it's not just Democrats also military leaders it's also analysts and experts on the Middle East I over what exactly is going to happen next correspondent Christian homes the deadly airstrike in Iraq sent the price of oil up about three percent yesterday so will this mean higher prices for us at the pump triple a mid Atlantic's John Townsend about what happens next and what should drops next so it's too soon to speculate but towns and doesn't expect any immediate increases a change of scenery for a former U. V. a football player instead of being on a football field Meryl Robertson will spend forty years in federal prison he was sentenced yesterday on charges of engaging in a fraud scheme that bilked more than sixty investors out of ten million dollars up next traffic and weather will you M. eighty L. first thing each morning can you believe this news today Mary and then you just can not make this stuff up as several accidents now we got W. M. E. L. you're in charge of hiring and indeed has solutions like online skills test which led a candidate show that they're the right higher and we give you this magic music which will inspire the perfect higher to begin clog dancing okay there's no magic music but skills tests that's for sure see why independent research by Silk Road chose indeed delivers three times more higher than any other job site post your next job is indeed dot com slash higher in try skills test for free terms and conditions apply whether you're buying a home or trying to lower your interest rate.

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