Qazi Cortez, Emily, Supreme Court discussed on Slate's Political Gabfest


Because Pete Williams NBC is reporting that Rosenstein has promised to stay after bars confirmed until Muller submits its final report or anything more on this topic before we go one little thing, we should mention which is a mystery, which is that the supreme court did decided not to step in and a dispute between Muller and some foreign owned company that has been trying to resist his efforts to look into their activities, and the supreme court didn't side with the foreign government foreign company. So we don't know what that's about. But it's it's it's caused a lot of skulduggery. And at one point didn't even they shut down the floor on which the legal one of the intermediate legal proceedings was taking place. So nobody from the press could get on it. And it's all very secret. Right. And the presiding judge has. Has found that this company is in contempt of obeying a subpoena and has wanted to impose a fee of fifty thousand dollars a day until the company complied and the supreme court refused to step in and save the company from paying that money. So presumably the clock is ticking. The money is flowing and that should give the company a reason to comply with the subpoena. OTC the FD the obsession with the new member of congress from queens Alexandria. 'cause you're Cortez has reached extraordinary levels, the democratic socialist the youngest woman ever elected to house of Representative has appeared on sixty minutes. She's become the number one. Target of conservatives furious about the move to the left of the Democrats in the house and the move to left of Democrats. Generally, they are fixated on proving that that Okaz you Cortez's not offensive that. She doesn't come from a disadvantaged background. They are upset that her nickname was sandy in high school. They say that she. Shallow because she liked to dance while she was in college. They say that she's got crazy policy ideas that she has no grasp of facts in lies like Trump. They circulated fake nude photos of her for goodness sake. At the same time on the left. There's a huge excitement about what caused you Cortez's bringing a kind of brilliance in media that is that's quite remarkable her grasp and gift in medias is extrordinary. She has successfully I think brought up policy proposals. That have never been talked about in Syria circles for having been talked about in Syria circles on the left for decades because she just brings a kind of vitality and credibility to them. I also learned that she won the second prize in the Intel science competition high school, did you guys know that? And there's in fact, an asteroid named after her because she was second prize in the Intel science competition. Awesome. I love that. Yeah. So why Emily is there such obsession with a Qazi Cortez on left? And right. Let's she is the future. Right. And so you either love it or you fear. It she you're right. I think what is this sort of brilliance in media and social media about it's the she's fearless. Or at least that's how she appears. So like this video of her dancing in college comes out conservatives put it out there supposedly to embarrass her. Lots of people love the exuberance and just like sheer fun of this video. And then she makes this other little snippet video of herself like dancing a tiny bit and her congressional office with this like great smile on her face. I mean, look, I'm totally charmed by her. But if you are someone who thinks like the left should have its articulate smart exciting champion and that it's good. And to expand the window of the kind of policy proposals. We talk about in terms of you know, taxes and also the idea of this green new deal, then you welcome her presence..

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