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I think russia's one of those kind of out liar emerging market countries for a time it was actually benefiting from a strengthening ruble and lower inflation and lower interest rate that has changed somewhat i think if you step aside from currency and ablation and rape one basic indicator to keep your eye on for russia is the direction of oil prices you know they are producers and exporters of oil and as long as the price of oil remained buoyant russia could be an interesting play regular i think we should say that mark mobius along with now paul krugman and also carmen reinhart among a vast group now who are sort of thumbs down on emerging markets but i think like you they're saying you know be very discerning so oil is one component technology is a is a major component of some emerging markets does that also help lift some of those markets absolutely so i think technology is kind of a megatrend that kind of cuts across regions and countries in arbitrary benchmark definitions so i think emerging markets are really kind of coming up the curve on the technology front point thank you so much for joining us at a tidy leisure equity strategist at oppenheimer funds getting his thoughts on the latest set of a fed minutes look at what's been going on with the turkish fear of course which was after the routed in fell to all time lows before recovering in the section that on wednesday right that's a look at the prospects of the trading day in this part of the world one which is being dominated by some of the artists on those currency markets and dosa treasury yields which below three percent of the ten year and a dollar index on the way up with the bloomberg small business report i'm john tucker brought to you by dell small business mass challenge of boston found a startup accelerator is expanding globally since its first program in two thousand ten mass challenge has accelerated over fifteen hundred startups that have raised over three billion dollars in funding those startups have created two billion dollars in revenue and created eighty thousand jobs the nonprofit offers.

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