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It like Najat jeans so cool images cool damn it so cool who yeah local news at the Jonas brothers in cool when as you point seven kiss FM it's this city I'm going to be about twelve twenty twelve thirty so be ready for calling one of two for those passes into because events private party at Johns incredible pizza but you have to the phrase that pays a right his offense is LA's number one hit music station that's what it is a perfectly twenty five to thirty I don't know if you guys heard us talking about this yesterday on the morning show but are there is this new internet I guess challenge it's called the ice cream challenge hash tag I scream challenge you don't want to do this it's all started last week when this girl leaked I screamed at a store then put it back into the freezer set up people started doing it now their security guards like the Walmart in Brea blocking the ice cream I all you do not want to do this it is a huge it's it's you will go to prison this girl is facing up to twenty years in prison for doing this challenge if you don't know what I'm talking about jump on the website check it out kids offend dot com and key word it says come about the Billy Irish next.

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