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All my might Stuart says at this point Jonathan morale off-duty border patrol agent and congregate. Also joined in he comes out, and I hear him say fallback, I have a gun and then he lets off five rounds at the car still parked. And at this point, we read out of munition, the car starts to go. And we both take the license plate number down. The main ran back inside to survey the damage he done the rabbi shot congregants Laurie K line on the floor. We proceed to started doing CPR on her at what point. Did Howard lorries husband turn-up, Howard's physician? So so I jumped up, and I went and got the AD. He says, I'm not getting the pulse. I'm getting a pulse. So he reaches over and looks at Laurie. And then that's when you realize it was his wife the whole time. He's working on right? He didn't realize he didn't know who she was he passes out he faints. So he got Howard laying on the floor. I've Lori and then comes running out sends their daughter the daughter, the only daughter watching both of her parents down their loss fully realized but a mile and a couple of minutes later police stopped. The shooter suspect pulled over jumped out of his car with his hands up and was immediately taken into custody. But for the other victims, the scars still remain is there one image that you can't get out of your head. When he's looking me, and you made. And they want to shut me like that. That's in my face. Like, you can't forget, I try full the time coming in a statement. The shooter's family said that to our great Shane he is now part of the history of evil has been perpetrated on Jewish people for centuries. We have a societal failure with a rampant number of mass attacks Michael master's direction homeland security initiative that focuses on safety in Jewish-American communities. There's anything about this gunman's profile making similar to other or previous attacks. I think we're still learning a lot about the individual. But from what we know that he was able to purchase a firearm and move to an active attack. So quickly is a trend that we're increasingly seeing in the past year. There have been an increasing number of attacks on places.

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