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Lebron has changed his game to accommodate everybody else. He's you've known him since he's a kid he's the MVP every year isn't he? Well what he's done this year. Where he's carrying the Lakers and also Try to make sure Anthony happy because I mean everybody just assumed he was going to resign. You didn't Lebron. Lebron didn't assume Lebron just bend over backwards to make sure. Anthony Davis is happy with his role and everything like that because his teammates his teammates in the past haven't always been but the focus on the regular season is so out of Lebron's character. Let's see if it has any issue when he was he has gas attack. Now for the playoff thank you. Brian talk again soon. Appreciate you have a great weekend? You too Brian Windhorst. Who's just wonderful love to have him on this? Show the reason we don't say. Why don't you have Brian Winters? He spent so much time in California and we take the show early in the morning. Just cannot you know you can't ask somebody to wake up at four in the morning to be on Dope pod cliff. I recall we once asked him to wake up in Hawaii. Wakeup call up. He was hiking. They were going up to a volcano. And you had to get there before sunrise literally was up at like two. Am having like all right. We'll come back with news. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is the Indochino ad. It's an easier for me because I don't have to do all that much because Nigel's here. Nigel has bought three different Indochino soon. He takes the snap hands the ball to Nigel. Tell the people what you've done what you think. Well you know. A lot of people think his own money in my own skin. I hope coat. I bought them before the code. I think as the code code people use the code. Now I looked so good in these suits and I've won so many awards from Maxim magazine People magazine sexiest man of the year. People now saying we've cheated by these indochino suit. You should probably give those awards back. Well listen I'm not here to talk about the past them to future. Mistakes remains affect. What you need to do is get one of these suits it will make you look Bruni. It's very easy go to a Taylor. Don't do what I did with a yardstick and a piece of rope go to the Taylor. Get the measurements. You can custom design the anyway. You want it's a fantastic price and it gets to you. And what like two weeks something like that? Two.

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