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You know, already owes sort of you know, you'll day on the front row and I had a couple of decent races. Earlier. I should have won an Istanbul and Kazuki Nakajima took me out with handful laps to go. And then he apologized profusely afterwards. But it didn't really help. And I think you know, we'd had a couple of other decent races. So I I knew we were getting stronger as you went on and as know already you. So you don't you're on the phone. The grade you feeling the pressure and then Bernie a flat show up and Bernie says you better win this. All right. Yeah. Dietrich's my bus. We're going to watch the race together. Yeah. No. Fortunately, I it was it was a good way. I I still remember clearly, you know, coming up to the sauce, and I thought of a managed to get the ties manage the times a bit more than Andy suit check. I remember thinking if I just give myself enough of a gap on the run down from LaSalle storage. I can be flat through all ruse in in this live stream and not lose too much, downfalls. Because at that time, you know with the old was a first generation GP two-car on race tyres race feel it wasn't comfortably flat in the studios. Flyer. If you will in clean, it was a comfortable, and I made sure I got a good toll through I. And when I went up to lay coma thought like day on the outside, and I'm just going to break late as I could. I I still remember the, you know, every every frame of that that. Part of the lab together for the lead. And there's only three or four laps to go. And one of the first people I saw after the race was our friend, David Tremaine, you know, obviously, one of the best journalists and only say that you can do, you know, he's he's somebody that a whose opinion I greatly respected. And I remember him coming to me after I sing. Yeah. That was that was a proper move well done shop, and he's also another okay. Yeah. Thanks. But yeah, no very very good memories of that day. I mean. You hochenheim g. But I mean, you had some Monaco two thousand nine lumping away with spring rice. Now, did you break the coward? Cub it so remind me driveshaft broke hit something. No, no, no, no, not a Mark on the wheel rim. Not gonna tell us. Nothing now remains probably the biggest disappointment of my career. You know, we as you say I gotten got into the lead of the start passed Maldonado who was a bit of a specialist round money. Was quick than any category crush to every other circuit. But Monica cat. But you know, I pulled three seconds on him. And we had pulled nearly twenty seconds over jerem d'ambrosio, Nicole can bug and people that who would in the train behind, and you know, we were gone into the distance. And that stage, you know, past said to me says that point I thought I'm just going to settle for second and equally I was going, right? You know this. I'm happy with the pace, no risks. And couldn't believe it. I came out of entre nos onto the south finish straight. And it just it. Lost driving overtime. What transpired was that? I was with a new team ocean racing technology, and it.

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