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I know we touched on this a little bit in your first episode that we did together, but can you explain a little more in depth what EMS are and how they might impact the body? Because I know there's a lot of doubt out there who say, oh, it's non ionizing radiation. Therefore it's safe. And I know that you also have a background in research to have some really valuable insight on on this. Can you delve into that? I sure can. So you are correct with we're taking a signal that's been around two gigahertz and we're multiplying it by forty five to potentially ninety gigahertz. Well, you just mentioned to me. I Nizami deation that's like x rays, gamma rays, things like that. They start becoming. I Nizam that is, you can get hit by this signal. It takes the electron and knocks it out of its orbit and charges that electron. And it's now a trod showman. That's why they call it. I nine's while xrays under those circumstances, exposures that are long or too long cause cancer. They caught very serious problems to the body when exposed at long durations of time. So why is that important? We ninety Jesus one third of a of the starting point from two ionizing radiation it even though it's non ein is it's now increasing its power to knock and distrupt the cells. And so all of a sudden we, we would getting pretty clear with science in research talking about the dangers. Of the body went from these exposures. Now, there's a real concern because, well, what happens as you start approaching the I night space? Is it worse? And as you remember Katie, this is a stress this isn't and in terms of a cell Tia body, it's anoxia date of stress that that is. It really bothers the membrane to the extent where it stresses the bodies cell, and then this penetration of that cell unto were circumstance, worship, circumstances, which causes mutated cells in DNA damage. So what do you think forty five more times faster? What is that impact? We, honestly, we actually don't know this no research in that space that says is dangerous, Ana. And so from us, appoint of you are right, went up going out cell phones away anytime. I'm soon you're not set Eunice getting radio WI fi that you use to communicate within your home. And so they're going to be more and more prevalent and the we, we are going into a space where it's we know less less about it. He exactly and I think that's the important distinction is like you said, there's not research on this and they're certainly not enough research on this. It's so new. It's something our grandparents didn't face much less our parents at our ages or certainly at our children's ages. And so it's that's always been my caution when I hear people say like, oh, it's non ionizing radiation, so it's completely safe. No, that just means we know that I advising radiation is has an immediate in potential danger that we can document that does not mean that not ionizing radiation is safe. It just means we haven't studied it and we don't have long term data to know what the effects are. And I think that's a really important distinction because it's easy to fall into that trap of just thinking, oh, we can't see it. It safe, it's fine. And just think back. Those of us listening, how many of us had a an iphone ipad or tablet at the ages that our children are none of us, they didn't exist. I didn't get a cellphone until almost college, and so in a very short period of time, less than one generation, we have seen a complete change in the electrical environment that were exposed to on a daily basis, and we don't know what that's going to do to our over the long term to ourselves. You mentioned oxidation to our Maya Conrad there. So many levels here and there's books like the body electric and others that really delve into the body being an electrical organism. And if we understand that it's only logical to understand that electrical impulses outside of can affect the internal environment of our body, but would you agree with that? Am I getting that Saddam Saddam, right? Accurate some real events. In other words, it's only been recently introduced by Minnesota toxin. So what does that really mean to us that Kate, you remember recently, there was all that was banned in the US. I forget the name. Of it wasn't the trans fats, trans fats..

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