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Certain WBC bosses is radio Go back and check the roads at 7 43. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Hello, Laurie. Hello there, Charlie. Hello, everybody. And for the most part, we're in pretty good shape out there Right now we do have some delays on 4 95 south on in Hopkinton. The problem is broken down box truck. It's in the right hand lane of the exit ramp Getting off on to the mass pike that south on 4 95 getting off it to the Mass pike in Hopkinton. There, watch out for that. Slow down. But thanks for the most part looking very nice force. The pike West, bound by the way, is another. Big escape route for a lot of folks and we're used to seeing some pretty big delays around 84 there in Sturbridge, But right now it's moving. Just fine. It's gonna check of the upper end of 1 28. Now with David Stressful, you know, on the mob free insurance copter. 20 eights in great shape to and from the pike in Walton, No Troubles and Lexington for now, wide open around the ball in Burlington. But that may change in a couple hours in the same around route 1, 14 and Peabody by that ball, David stuff, Alina Marbury Insurance copter. Now we do have the bright sunshine like in that cause a solar glare out there, But there's so few of you on the road. It's not really bothering people too much. Hopefully you have your sunglasses with you this morning. I'm taking a look at the traffic camera right now. That's on top of the TV garden and Lever Connector is moving very smoothly force lots of volume coming across the second bridge there, but looks okay getting into the O'Neill tunnel. The airport tunnels also moving well. Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three Thank you with the forecast with Brian Thompson calling for an okay day partly cloudy today we'll see more clouds later in the day, with temperatures rising into the mid.

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