Today, Jessica, Thursday discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


And burn. Good morning. Welcome to your Wednesday K away news radio time. It's five o'clock April's as Bomb Marty Lens with you, Fox 31 pinpoint weather currently 61 with clear skies. We've got a high back in the upper nineties today. Warm upcoming mid nineties tomorrow on Friday, may be clear now, but there are some smoky stuff skies anticipated for the Metro wildfire smoke from outside of Colorado is combining for some warm and dry conditions. Today, we could also see some records fall as the week progresses. Dry conditions are in the forecast all the way through Friday. I do want to mention that Thursday and Friday are high temperatures will hit the mid to upper nineties. We are talking potential for record breaking heat both of those days. That's Fox 31 meteorologist Jessica label, she says. It's gonna be a little cooler over the weekend, but high still be near 90. Douglas County will be leaving Tri County Health over recent disagreements over Covid 19 policies. The board of Commissioners voted in favor of creating the county's own health department at their meeting last night. The latest flap is over Tri County School mask mandate. This woman says she can't keep her kids in the classroom. As a result, neither one of my kids want to be there. They're begging me to put him in online school. I am fighting so hard to keep them socially. With kids and with people. This mom says masks are just a part of common sense, and she was against leaving Tri County. If you ski, you wear a helmet, and many people wear a face shield if it's cold, or if it's icy, so this has been completely blown out of proportion. Commissioners took exception to Tri County also doing away with an option to opt out of public health orders. Going to meet again next week to formally appoint members of the new health.

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