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I think the guy that started remax i think built it basically for himself and now it's kind of up so we got to play there Really cool you play. Well i feel like people usually law and experience when they play well. Yeah that's where. I beat my bad. So that one's going to be my favorite course forever. Maybe i think i shot eighty three which not great. But it was good enough. That's pretty that's pretty fucking good. We just get unlike a nine or ten. So i should be better than i am but i. I've never broken eighty so it's a disaster on that on that part. Really jesus you probably around a bunch. Yeah yeah bacilli funniest thing. That's offset quarantine. We we have a little men's league at the country club on at home. And i've played this guy who was a college burlington professional guy he was like a minus two or scratch. Whatever it was and we play nine holes with stroke. So i got four strokes. He and i both went birdie-birdie off the job and up shooting thirty. I think it was thirty. Six net thirty two and he shot thirty three and softbank. You only played nine holes. Yeah you just play with the kind of your sub eighty. You're out if you play eighteen that day you shot. I usually do usually do when we play those men's ladies play eighteen before. Get my blood alcohol level at the right spot so then in the men's league i can really go the because yeah that like. That's almost like an emergency not always feels good for the emergency. Not exactly exactly what's up. That's your men's league so you. I understand to golf. You got you do You start at a golf charity event. That's done redan. Well yes the first year we did. It did for pediatric cancer research. I had an uncle that pass away. Hannah's the result of pediatric cancer. So he did. It did it that the first year and then last year we did for rituals charity. Which was really cool was called field. Jeans is the foundation. he's created. They lost a son to a rare genetic thing and so he's kind of you know put a lot of time and money in and himself in this in this foundation at trent help help people find out some more about that stuff so we raise one hundred thousand for his charity. That was that was our big goal. And.

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