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She loves Dev lands. His son cap is brothers Ellison and Elias along with Jim Vance crazy, Jim and family, friends, Tom Chambers and Moses Christian right off to reclaim John's e and they overtake them 'cause rescue Johnny without any violence at this time. This does Mark the end of the relationship between John and Rosanna and also marks the end of Roseanne is relationship with her father Randall who now completely disowns her. Oh, E Jones aware fall out. Del John's e did not follow in refuse on name. If that will not be but swollen my love. And I'll Longo be a dog folk Makola, shall I hear more she'll speak at this. Tis. But that name that is my enemy, thou all self thou. Not to hulk folk Hatfield stock. Cross loves bang bang. Bang bang, bang, bang, middling wing, dangling thing. Despite trouble. Jonty not quite done chasing McCoy women. Don't Rosanna, but he's gonna go after another McCoy. Now this dude he ends up having a quick courtship. And then marrying Nancy McCoy who is rose and his cousin daughter of the previously murdered as a Harmon McCoy that guy that union sympathizer. And they get married on may fourteenth eighteen eighty one and so many so many constant interconnections here, and I'm gonna repeat family like how the related because if not this story gets real fucking confusing real fast Harmon again the union soldier disowned by the McCoy family. Rumored to have been killed by Jim Vance rumor driven Kilmore, the devil and himself. And now that guy's daughter is marrying, the devil is son. Now, if if you wonder why John Zee would be so foolish to be fair to him. There was not a tremendous amount of single women in the area even less that weren't closely related to him. Well, cousin love and clearly forbidden also not necessarily first choice. So so maybe he kept chasing McCoy women because there just weren't that many other options or going back to education levels in area. Maybe he really was just fucking dumb. Despite all this romantic drama things settle down following Jones wedding for little over a year. Nancy's brother Jeff.

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