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To run for President Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard yeah talking a little bit today about the situation down in Puerto Rico Rico yes and <hes> you traveled there and just stand in solidarity with the protesters who are calling the governor on him to resign so tell us what you saw what you heard it was incredible. You know the energy you can in some of the video and some of the pictures but it's unlike any other protests I've ever seen where you have thousands of people coming together. <hes> people who are elderly walking with Canes Little Kids Families Students people of all ages walks of life singing playing music dancing and really standing with a unified voice. Yes calling on the governor to resign but really what's driving. This is more than these leaked chats. It's early this long standing corruption that people there have been suffering under and that really came to light in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria so with a lot of the folks that I talked to you. They said this is about life and death <hes> seeing their loved ones struggle and suffer because they couldn't get clean water after the hurricane for months. They couldn't get electricity so this is a breaking point and I don't think they're going to back down until he resigns just the right thing. What do you think it's odd that we're seeing this little tiny places? This idea that the the the rule of law doesn't is seems to be eroding that that's that's the danger and I was asking some of the folks there what happens if he doesn't and that's one of their fears and he doesn't resign than it shows. There's no accountability you know Oh you can get away with not just saying really really offensive things and making threats against women and other government officials but you can get away with stealing taxpayer dollars winding your own pockets with dollars that were meant to help people their greatest greatest need medicaid money sounds familiar across the board congresswoman..

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