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He's been enrolled in institutions the electricity between these two was palpable is the guy is still playing Robert ory is that who it was. Laker. Yeah. Michael oher, Gloria's, Robert ory. That's a different worst movie. He was just raised in a normal home. No, adoptive parents. You guys do your show downtown LA. Do you make it over the Staples? After shows and stuff. Yeah. Like, I said I like watching the Lakers. I. There is a time when we were going to a lot of clippers games when I first moved out here in the clippers were still fun to watch agent used to get us tickets to these games. And now, I feel like the Lakers are popular. I can't even get I can't get tickets through him anymore. It's tough till they stink again. That's how I got to go to a game a bunch of games through the agents and the managers. Yeah. Have those stop for you as well? Well, yeah. Because you know, what it is. It's like the same as meals with them after you're not that hungry anymore. You've been in town for a while you realize like I could just eat on my own, and I wouldn't have to talk to these guys. You know, they're They're not. not they're they're a little, you know, they're nuts and bolts. That's the agents. That's how they feel about me. And amir. They're making money. They don't need to put up with you anymore. Yeah. Exactly. How you guys feeling about? Lebron? You pro pro LeBron really. Very excited. I hated the Lakers, and I love LeBron. But now my love for Braun has trumped my hatred for the Lakers Laker fan. Wow. So Bronwyn, I think is the best. What about Lonzo? Is he going to be around? He's going to be around for now for sure, but he's kind of losing minutes to raise on Rondo Rondo ball, who's going to be around longer Rondo or Lonzo Lonzo I think he's younger Rondos on a one year deal. But LeBron loves Rondo so maybe LeBron will pick and choose his teammates. Like, he always does being diplomatic because he just like all the Lakers, or would you be a little happy? If Lonzo got traded. It depends on who we get back from..

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