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That we are frustrated about it that i there is a lot of irrational fear of nuclear power and and all kind of not a good understanding of of the sort of safety precautions that we do take in the united states uh or or really kind of uh you know wing costs and benefits versus other forms of energy production uh such as cold that we know emits pollution that that in fact you know can harm help so badly um it's the either i think if he gets an unfair shake yeah and as we go to this call i have to ask the follow up at about the people who died at three mile island which is a very this leading question how many with that yes people would they be who died at three mile island because i guarantee you there are people out they would say oh a couple of dozen how many people died at three mile island well again it's it's i know the answer is nearly one um what once again nobody died there there was a small contained releasing radiation and you know we had a big scare story about it but in reality i think the real story three mile island was just have strongly reacted to something that ended up being a an incident that caused almost essentially no effects on human outlets however the sky is not falling to don in albany oregon hello don good evening carol market adrian yes what's undermine covering yes good evening what's on your mind care i grabbed wrote me i have no problem with their nuclear power plants wonder if were brutal promote game fear i rather hurrying why alive or anything like it all right gentle got to address that uh david we'll let you know it gets back to the this visibility questioned you just brought up jim minutes when a plane crashes everyone peter on the news it's very striking imagery and it makes a lot of people here flying but you know we.

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