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Hour of Stephen Smith on television, and it is amazing. It is truly amazing. That is one of the gifts that I get by having this show f or mentioned. Now what money Jones is probably second. He's probably silver medallist that I can say that because we had a consumer market research survey when you're launching high noon and they provided like different FOX's to check in different categories to rate us on, and I believe we'll Mani got like an eighty nine percent, which is really high for the sort of big on guy who tells it like it is actually. No, I don't believe. That was not a cabinet. Hi winning mean wait a minute. There's there's lists floating around of how it is ESPN grades telling it like it is. To the data research people. We got a PowerPoint threes, impatient, one of the Harris. Terrific. You, you're all graded on inhumanely by the way while we were sitting there, I don't know if anybody has gone through that. The company besides me, it wasn't fact horrifying. Learn that Amani Joan did an eight eighty nine percents on telling me like it is and I got like a fifty seven later that hi, I'm in hold on that list. Can you get us that list of? Is it a long list of telling it like it is? It sounds like you've got some official rankings. There was extensive survey data that went into how much either of told it like it is funny. We were all of these things and there's one of five measurements that leads me to believe that money is probably the silver medal. Yeah. Where are you ashamed of? You're telling it like it is rating I works the next day and just started flame throwing people like try a hot. Take them sent in order to compensate for the fact that apparently I tell it nothing like it's all about the delivery. I've told you that it doesn't matter what's coming out of your mouth. It's how you say it, Pablo that I, that's what you need to the end of the show today. Please find that paperwork. I wanna break that story. I wanted to be the only story ever broken by this show that that we'd have the peop- the paperwork, the documents that rank these people. We had Pablo on to talk about LeBron's business ventures, but we're out of time, so get out of here. All right, good talk. And also Dan, I feel hate you. All right. Talk. The man wants more money. He's not doing a bit there. I think he's genuinely hurt. I know he is. Some of the football teams need love to their couple teams that ended their games in ties that certainly need love. They need a bouquet of beautiful flowers, and you know the place, I know the place for telling you about it all the time. One, eight hundred flowers took you to wicked. Wasn't very, wasn't very one, very good house dinner. It wasn't Hamilton. Cashmore of the donlevatar show with stugatz ten to one eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN news card. Here's a texture..

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