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The dossier one of the contentions in the known as memo was that the fis at court was not toll who paid for the dossier that they were not told the judge of the price where it was not told that hillary clinton bought this commission this than it was yours as political this research that it was not an intel document the newness memo asserts that so pencil that guest come along and somehow say well no that's not true the fis accord did know and in the paragraph that pencil neck writes in his memo to try to obvious gate this he he hit he inadvertently admits that known as is right because it's one of the most poorly constructed paragraphs if it uses identified american citizen number one political candidate number two uh and he tries to construct a scenario in which it was obvious that the fbi told the court the fis accord who had financed the memo meaning he had a fis accord knowing they didn't have any problem with at but the way he writes the paragraph it's pathetic he ends up affirming the newness contention that the court was not told it's really a pathetic effort to rewrite what really happened and the obvious gate the issue an any mccarthy caught it and pointed out and that's why he says that the the pencil neck memo actually bolsters the newness memo in this and many other ways a one more bite i wanna share with a plus your phone calls we'll be right back seven sixty wjr news marie osborne the man wanted for a quadruple shooting of detroit has shot himself according to toledo tv 27yearold george davis jr fired several shots with police just outside of i two ninety before the ohio turnpike before he turned the gun on himself davis a parolee is believed to have killed four people in the detroit carjacked of motorised at gunpoint in van buren township before heading south anew ohio again quadruple shooting suspect george davis jr shot himself after his getaway car became disabled around i 280 in the ohio turnpike it's not been.

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