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I heard ben horowitz in zach yelp show last hour talking about the fact of celebrating the golden knights in the nhl i love the fact that the golden knights are in the elite eight of the nhl i love that i think it's awesome and new orleans i think it's awesome for you to i think it's awesome for you too and then utah last night manages to take a two one lead and just a to me a performance that shows that the utah jazz continued to be that little engine that could there that nba franchised just manages to draft well make smart decisions on spending money ch and they just chug chug chug along that's a forty eight win western conference team which to me translates to probably like a fifty win fifty one win eastern conference team i love that i could've started today's show with the sixers going up three one of the heat but you know what new orleans you never get love unless it's the saints utah you never get talked about ever for anything i am so excited for you and you know what goatee wolves he came houston a scaring game one you come on out in game two and you show hey we're not intimidated in the third quarter sort of pull away a little bit create that buffer unloving what i've seen how the timber wolves to me give it to me nba you're giving me storylines you're giving me things that shocked me the indiana pacers being up to one on cleveland i will tell you i doubt the pacers i thought cleveland with winning five pacers have a chance today to go up three one i love it absolutely love it when the wizards rolled over the first two games i was shaking my head saying okay yeah it's the wizards but i was surprised when the pucks just went out there and trounce the celtics on friday night i was surprised you know what i wanna be i wanna be surprised i want sports to surprise me again i.

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