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That's what the transgender issue is right now for them. So more seventy two years old. He recently told a Christian radio stay. Nation quote. I am seriously considering it that's in regards to running for Senate. Moore said insisting without evidence that the seat had been quote stolen from him. And now, why would he even consider it? Well, it turns out. He's polling pretty good. A Mason Dixon poll released this past week asked four hundred GOP voters if the twenty twenty Republican primary for Alabama's US Senate seat were held today. For whom would you've haute. Moore was the runaway choice in a field of six named candidates. He got twenty seven percent nine points higher than second place. Which is this dude named MO Brooks. A sitting congressman more has nearly universal name recognition for these voters. Analii twenty nine percent Holden unfavorable opinion of the dude. So there you go the democrat former prosecutor who targeted now this is this is Doug Jones. Of course, he's a democrat and a former prosecutor who targeted the KKK has low ratings in the state the same show the same poll shows him with just forty five percent of voters approving of his performance and fifty percent determined to replace him with a Republican in Alabama's. So who knows ROY Moore will ride again to the polls. I share that. Does best headline that I've read that sums this up perfectly is from the New York MAG. And it says why Ella bama's or trying it again, try it again. And why when show with such a charming guy is that the theocrat that is ROY Moore the bane of my existence, even despite all the sexual misconduct stuff. That's just one layer on this on this crap cake. This dude is of course, he fought to keep the ten commandments in the courtroom. He has been just hugely problem. He's been a massive problem when it comes to criminal Justice reform, it's been a massive hindrance to civil rights of all walks of life. I mean, he is just a horrible horrible person. And if you've ever met, a judge, they really are they the the they all have a Jesus complex elva God complex. I mean, that's what would lead you to want to become a judge and he'd take. Great joy in destroying lives of the people that enter his courtroom. So just imagine or did enter his courtroom before. He was disbarred. So just imagine how much joy he could have in ruining the lives of everyone in Alabama, ROY Moore, absolutely horrible. And of course, as soon as rand Paul decided to support him and endorse him Rampaul was dead to me because there is nothing libertarian about a theocrat. So that's basically that. So that's kind of a fun little side story might he may be back. And indeed, it is say if you if you want to an example of a good judge watch the documentary legend of cocaine island, very good judge in there. Really what happens there? He just he makes the right call I won't spoil the documentary, but you actually, go judges can be can be good. Let's everyone do cocaine. I think that's great. All right. Well, let's move onto Warren p. Here mostly war, Donald Trump again, the man who ran as an anti interventionalist. He promised to end wars in the Middle East. He. Kinda lied a little bit on then. I'm just going to say he kind of lied a little bit on that. What happened? So President Trump vetoed. A bipartisan resolution on Tuesday that would have forced in end to American military involvement in Saudi Arabia's civil war in Yemen rejected an appeal by lawmakers to his own deeply rooted instrument instincts to withdraw the United States from the bloody foreign conflict the Saudis still have us around. You know, we are wrapped around their finger that is dipped in oil..

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