A new story from The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


Com. Get yours today and set your wardrobe to fun. Clear the airwaves. Clear the airwaves. It's now time for dr floyd's imagination nation ranger's secret message for you members of the dr floyd imagination nation. Remember kids only official radio adventures of dr floyd imagination nation. Rangers can code. Dr floyd secret message with the secret dakota ring available only from www dot imagination ranger dot com. All right. grab your secret decoder rings and a pencil and paper and prepare to set your imagination to fund. Remember dr floyd is counting on you and here. Is the radio adventures. Dr floyd imagination nation ranger secret message for episode number seven ten homes alone. Four seven twenty five twenty three eight two three fifteen three seventeen seven sixteen fourteen five three twenty three nine seven twenty three seven twenty four eighteen fifteen teen fourteen and that was a message from dr floyd himself to all his imagination nation rangers. You can join dr floyd's imagination nation and become an imagination nation ranger only at www dot imagination ranger dot com. And until next time. Set your imagination to fun..

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