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So there there's been rumors about Newcastle's owner, Mike Ashley forever. That sounds like the fans have like finally given up or not giving up, but are fed up. It was some sort of protest last game. Sounds like they probably are going to try and do it again or something in this game. You know, telling Ashley to go fuck off back to wherever overgrown Keebler elves come from. And. Silva team? We'll see doesn't seem like he has an interest in that. I think a bigger issue though, is RAF is gonna be missing shar who's actually been playing really well defense for them. So a lot of rotations coming it. I don't know I've been wrong. I think every single prediction on wolves this season. I don't think I've gotten a single one. Right. You really have. So so apologies to wolves fans in advance. I think I think I'm gonna go with wolves this one. Interesting. You know, at for all the stuff, we talk they are made to places off each other in the table. Wolves. It's finally like such an example wolves right? They can be Chelsea because they have the quality. But they're not quality enough to sustain met over thirty eight. I think we were re we were we hit them right on the head right in the beginning of the year where everybody was super excited when they had their fifteen points through. I forget how many games like eight games only taken four from seven. So. I think they do win this game. I do this is gonna be another test of like can you go to in a way game in the Premier League? Get three points. It takes a lot to do that they're going to get this one. But you know, they're away for him is not great in general. So. Against the referee Benita esteem, Ben wrong before I mean before the Chelsea game. They hadn't wanted six. That's they were as we said they're lost. They lost lost a bright loss time. I'm drew arsenal. Lost a hundred failed loss to cardis then beat Chelsea. And keep in mind in there. They should beat arsenal. Let's be honest and they played well against Spurs for half. Anyway. So you know, they have these the they have these ceiling is high. We're basically reiterating what you said at the beginning ceiling is high the abilities. Staying that is the big question which tells me that they tied his Newcastle game. But I'm going to be. We're both. We're both Nobis for the W T Lester hosting Tottenham. I just let's get something here at all. Yeah. You know, they got all this off the field stuff. Obviously that is unfortunate in so many respects. But yeah, they bid a been sort of a boring team just going through the motions feels like getting getting some wins. They just come off of who the hell did they beat blinking? They beat last weekend. Well, I can't remember. But then they then they came off of a win those they'd be watching before that it was what they came off the win against Waterford. And then just looked absolutely flat against Fulham. So. Not a good sign in right? It's just there there weird team this year. And they're going to be missing Jamie Vardi, they're gonna probably anyway, the problem there possibly gonna missing here McGuire. You know, those are big missus. I would go with Spurs to win. But when I say that there's have to get something by chest because I'm just so frustrated with the Spurs team, the there's so many spots on this team that are like real quality, like Delhi and Ericsson it son in Kane, and even Reese Bax. Louis normally, he's you know, we've talked about this when he had his drunk moments. But God damn it. The wing defenders are just absolutely killing my soul for for Spurs right now. It's like it's so frustrating just a few years ago. We had Kyle Walker one side and Danny rose on the other. And this was Danny rose. Like when he was daddy rows of, you know, my my wet dreams, and they were the best duo in the in the permanently. Maybe the world is probably the best wing backup. We decided not to pay him. We decided not to pay high Walker. So he daily rose got hurt and he's never bounced back from that yet anyway. And so now, we're stuck with you know, oriented trippy on one side and hurt rose and Ben Davies on the other, and it's just it's sucking my soul watching these guys play choice behind them..

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