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Leslie Van Houten was born on August twenty third nineteen forty nine in Altadena California. She was born into an upper middle class family and given every advantage in the world she was enrolled in sports as a kid and even elected homecoming queen in high school but despite her well to do upbringing Leslie never felt emotionally openly supported by her parents she felt trapped by their expectations of marrying an equally well brought up man and becoming a housewife as a teenager leslie experimented with drugs like L._S._d.. Hashish and Marijuana Anna but shortly after dabbling in drugs she began abusing them by the summer of nineteen sixty eight nineteen year old leslie was a full blown drug addict and social rebel who had fallen out of her parents. Graces is that Summer Leslie met Gypsy who told her about a man named Charles Manson and the family they were building at Spahn ranch much like Gypsy Leslie was attracted to the notion of family and decided to stay on the ranch with her new friends quickly becoming one of Charles Manson's favorite girls Leslie has since described her experience on the ranch as surreal the group would have orgies and take l._S._D.. Together and it was during these trips that Charles Charles Manson sermonizing about being the son of God he drew parallels between his last name Manson and being the son of man he would also make his followers help him recreate the crucifixion of Jesus with himself in the starring role while his group was under the influence of drugs he would explain to them how he the son of man had already died for them and asked if they would be willing to die for him him in exchange for followers like squeaky. This was no problem in fact there was seemingly nothing squeaky wouldn't do for Manson because the family didn't have money for food the girls would drive down into Los Angeles Silas and dumpster dive behind grocery stores for thrown out produce squeaky maintains that the food she ate out of those dumpsters was among the freshest cheese hat in her life. It's been rumored that she along with a few other girls were also pressured into sleeping with managers of at least one grocery store in exchange for being allowed to wade through the garbage for food. Women outnumbered men on the ranch five to one ratio that Manson dan rather liked he would occasionally recruit men to the ranch by offering them one of his front girls the nickname he gave to his most attractive set of followers. It was pimping although Charlie would paint it as family teamwork they I slept with men in exchange for drugs food or anything else. Charlie had his heart set on Manson also started forcing his followers to participate in Weird Trust exercises on one occasion he made followers stand in front of a tree while he threw hatchets just above their heads. If they flinched it meant they didn't trust him. Leslie recalled how Charles used to walk around the ranch and stop people at random to participate in weird exercises her sizes like mirroring his movements exactly so they were moving their hands and bodies in unison in hindsight she realized it was all part of a brainwashing process to train his budding Colt to follow him in all all things they were only allowed to listen to Charles Music on the ranch or the Beatles since he was particularly obsessed with the white album nineteen sixty nine continued on like this with nightly parties and daily sermons all <music> all stranger-than-fiction by the time Gypsy brought Linda Kosabe into the ranch. The Manson cult was fully formed in July nineteen sixty nine twenty year old. Linda was living into Panga California with her husband an infant daughter at that point her marriage had fallen apart completely and Linda was looking for a way out she found one through Gypsy who invited Linda to come live on Spahn ranch each with a group of people who would love and take care of each other. Linda didn't need much coaxing when she arrived at the ranch she was surprised at how welcoming the other women were. She was glad to find that there were other children on the ranch for her daughter daughter to play with. Everyone greeted her with hugs like she was one of them already in hindsight they were all completely drugged out but at the time it felt so warm that she didn't notice considering the loveless marriage she was leaving. It felt like a breath of fresh air. She didn't meet Charles Manson at first but the more she heard about him. The more the anticipation built the first night on the ranch she met Tex Watson. One of Manson's few male followers followers the to hit it off right away. Linda was attracted to him and in later interview said he made me feel like I had never felt before within the first few days of meeting. Linda confided in texts that her husband husband and his friend kept little stores of money in their trailer totalling about five thousand dollars. The money was meant for Linda and her husband to start a new life together. Maybe take an exotic trip but no plan. She made with her husband ever. I seem to materialize that's when tex gave her a proposition. She should steal the money he reasoned. It didn't belong to her husband anymore than belonged to her. Even at the time Linden new that was untrue but she wanted acceptance into the family and felt that stealing the money might be the best way to get it. She was right after raiding her old trailer for the cash. She was finally taken to meet Charlie. Linda remembered feeling a magnetic pull from the moment she met him. It was utterly thrilling. Not long after Linda's husband and his friend came to the ranch to demand their money back Charlie stuck up for Linda immediately. It's unclear. Unclear what exactly happened but a few moments in private with the two men sent them packing never to bother Linda again she had never felt so cared for from that moment onwards she became one of the thirty two adults. It's in Manson's cult of course this isn't surprising whether Linda recognized it or not she had just undergone an initiation ceremony. A nineteen sixty five study conducted at Stanford University showed that high risk or unpleasant unpleasant initiations make the group more attractive to the new member initiations are almost required for cults so that new members won't leave once the going gets rough and Linda's enthusiasm shows after all she had been willing to steal for this man before ever meeting him now. She do just about anything to see Charlie smile. Linda started participating in the colts now famous L._S._D.. Parties that would turn into orgies Manson would stay fairly sober during these to better control his followers he would tell them who to sleep with and control their every move and around this time his rhetoric grew grew noticeably darker leaving the realm of free love he began to convince his followers that he was the second coming of Christ and the devil all in the same person he began pushing his followers to commit strange strange petty crimes for him he called these missions creepy crawlies they would drive into Los Angeles and sneak into people's homes then rearrange all the furniture in the house while the homeowners were sleeping. It was unnerving thing people would wake up to find all the furniture in their home rearranged with almost nothing stolen during that time Manson Convinced Leslie Van Houten to rob her father's house she did so without a second I thought Charles had always had irresistible charisma but now his followers were beginning to see him as something more he was godlike to them. He began giving sermons to his followers wherein Aaron he would talk about the looming apocalypse that would destroy all but the chosen few he became obsessed with the Beatles Song Helter skelter which he believed was written as a direct message to him. He said the song was heralding the end times times. When a great race war would lay society to ruin in his estimation the race war would lead to the toppling of white supremacy and the black community would rise to power as the new world leaders Manson Jason and his friends would stay out of the war completely they would hide out in the desert which would become a land of milk and honey as described in the book of revelation in the Bible he explained black? Americans deserve the right to rise to power they had been trampled on for centuries so it was only good Karma that they get their chance to rule but Manson was racist he also believed that the black community was unequipped to rule and would eventually need white men to show them how to lead with no other white men left Manson and his family would come back from the desert to take the reins of power from the overwhelmed black leaders. It was ridiculous racist Hogwash but his L._S._D.. Adult old followers believed it wholeheartedly after all the nineteen sixties were a time of extreme racial tension in the United States. The rise of the Black Panthers caused over inflated panic among many white communities too too many a race war wasn't a far leap from the race riots. They were seeing around the country Manson began speaking of helter skelter on a daily basis Linda Qossaibi and recalled an excitement building around it then in late July nineteen sixty nine something happened that would put helter skelter on the fast track Manson family member Bobby Beausoleil went up to a friend's house accompanied by twenty six year old Mary Brunner and twenty twenty one year old Susan Atkins the home was rented by a friend named Gary Henman a brilliant musician who had once played Carnegie Hall he also supplied Bobby with drugs from time to time which bobby would then sell but at the most recent batch of Mescaline Gary sold bobby was bad and has buyers wanted their money back which meant that Bobby Intern wanted a refund bobby. Susan and Mary overpowered Gary and tied him to a chair. They demanded their money back but gary told them he didn't have the cash eventually Manson showed up at the cabin with a Samurai Sword and tried to intimidate Gary but Gary wasn't scared of Manson and refused to pay by this point Charles Manson had been living as a deified cult leader for nearly two years. He didn't take kindly to being rebuked. He used the sword to slice part of Gary's ear off sending Gary Reeling and pain Bobby tried to patch Gary's ear up but gary insisted on seeking medical attention. Gary didn't know it but he had just signed his own death warrant Bobby would later say eh Gary didn't deserve one bit of what happened next but he felt like he had no choice. He knew that the second they brought him to the hospital Gary Would Narc Bobby Killed Gary Henman. He tortured his friend end for three days before finally stabbing him twice in the chest. Charles Manson knew exactly how to get away with the murder to using Gary's blood they made a pop print on the wall of Henman's cabin and wrote put political piggies in Blood Charles hoped that by using these symbols of the Black Panthers he could pin the murder on them and incite a race riot but he had learned something else too that if he wanted he he could push his followers to murder it was a skill he knew would be mighty useful in the impending war he returned to spawn ranch and told his followers to get ready. A war was coming Hellfire would be on their doorstep your step and when it arrived all of Los Angeles would burn to the ground. Thanks.

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