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Where we reach across the aisle and occasionally poke someone in the eye Phil says to me Shurat brown Democrats so on CNN right now needs did have somebody fixes make up they're all doing like Skype and zoom Collins to C. N. N. he looks like he's from that movie the wax house or whatever it was with that they did one in the sixties and they re made one with the with the Paris Hilton was in that one I thank but it shows you because they'll put the split screen up and the woman at CNN poppy Harlow who's ever on there she looks perfect because they've got make up for all the lighting and he looks like I said pasty and at any given time he's gonna start to melt which would be all areas if you mailed it on television that's not very nice chat they are totally done up they are like we went to we'll talk about the conventions in a minute but we went to the conventions the last convention center I do you want one vice president Biden I would much rather be able have a convention of person because the generation fears Yasmin and there's more madam yeah but probably not so we went to the conventions and your if you've ever been around television you find out how much of it is lighting shooting well you know the way they shoot the person and I'm not talking to the gun I'm talking it with the camera the way it's set up how much make up they use I was like my goodness because I've done some stuff but nothing like like they get done up like if you're a guest you don't get done up you get a little bit of powder to make you feel good so that the your head's not shiny and that's about it outside of that you don't they get like they it's like watching a NASCAR event everybody and I jokes because it's also very much like the guys you like while you wait like wolf Blitzer is two foot night I was like well like I I thought it was small but I was like my goodness and it will look really good there's a couple of them they're like oh yeah you kind of and I understand why that everybody else makes fun of the fox women because they old to look a good but there was a lot of Spanx I I'd said to I turned one time do pretty sure at the end said if these banks explode we're all done for yeah I used to have used such a jerk three two three five three twenty four twenty three ads have been to chose your Twitter you can tweet at S. text the program as well the antibody test they got a I gotta be honest with you they kinda suck out of the ten test kits that we looked at there were four that really had a plus ratings there were a couple that were in the B. range and there were three that were definitely in the F. frames we wouldn't want to use in the clinical laboratory so when I got my antibody test I was sick in January so I was sick in January early February late January February and I and I I was sick and then it was I'd all February March April and may so about three and a half months before I got my antibody test the doctor then tells me afterwards your test came back negative so now I guess but I still think you had it as he goes first of all they're not the most reliable test and go secondly after about forty forty five days your antibodies drop like a underneath and it doesn't you won't pick them up and I said well that's that's that's lame straight sets it's so I don't know what to trust and I even with the you know he was telling me that when they did the the blood test for cannabis patients they all came back negative then they did the swab test and three of the ten came back positive a symptomatic what do you believe how do you believe any of these numbers it shouldn't be this hard sure am I wrong it is something going on here right I feel like it shouldn't be this hard to come up with a test to find out if you have it or don't have it or if you have the antibodies and don't have like this is your job three two three five three twenty four twenty three at Chad Benson show is your Twitter you tweet out of stacks the program as well Jeff it's Jeff show for some veterans who face the struggles of returning.

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