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Budget visit our showroom in Chelsea learn more at JB says dot com JB sash the home of the window boys he says traffic is brought to you by Brigham health where there's a will to find expert care firmly rooted in compassion you'll find Brigham hell's consistently ranked one of the nation's best hospitals by U. S. news and World Report exceptional Brigham and women's care at locations across eastern Massachusetts Brigham health dot org traffic and weather together on the server retailers off New England all wheel drive traffic on the three blocks up now Lori well it's just basic leave Monday morning in heavy volume and now some problems on the pike westbound report a collegiate right by the free channels expect some delays there Ted Williams tunnel eastbound it said west bound and the summer all very heavy this morning the topping continues to be slow from Chelsea on it a Boston lower deck is crawling assembly square to the o'neill tunnel that lever connector down rap is tied up as well let's see how things are looking down the expressway with the math ranger it's copter expressway north by Laura you're locked up solid from the split right up to Columbia road it slows again after that from the bike through the o'neill tunnel David straining the Monterey insurance copter already one twenty eight north bound still a wall of traffic from ninety five intended to one thirty five in Dedham again from route nine Wellesley three twenty in Waltham ninety five north bound still a big delays the pots at St two one twenty eight twenty four north bound you're locked up from starting to Randolph north of town ninety three southbound route three south by one twenty eight and route one all their heavy this morning watch out for delays as well with that earlier crash site for ninety five north bound the crashes clear just after route to a little tin but traffic continues to be slow from Boxborough to that point as things try to get back up to speed there Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the three C. devore now with the four day WBZ accu weather forecast is brought to you by UMass Lowell good morning to you then this first Monday is a good one first.

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