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Good. All right. So that's sums it up, right? Nothing more to say. Man, great quarter great year. It's the Sasha and actually, you know, I in tied to their stock price thing. I one of the big changes that's occurred over the past. Several are few quarters was they were very comfortably in a spot with an order in Ford, a six million in profits on twenty two, twenty twenty five million in revenue. And that has exploded and what was the number? I I don't have the thing in front of me, but what was it? What was the revenues this past quarter, thirty four, maybe something like that. Their their profits in her high in the high single. It was seven, eight, nine, seven up there. This is the these things are going up. And you know, for all the talk of other the next IBM in for all my complaints about where's the money coming from whatever the money isn't just coming, it's it's, it's expanding. So you know, like I said earlier, they're doing something right. I have no idea what it is. Major sales reort last year when they had all those layoffs and there there could be something to that. You know that they've changed the way they're selling and approaching it differently. That may be playing in here too, as far as why it's growing so much faster now. Maybe. We're just guessing here. I would like. Down with like an excel spreadsheet to point out. How excel works because I literally. Then then she can explain non gap accounting. On I is this going to end we gonna go pass non gap gap that we ever going to get by this. I, I are we because I have to tell you, I find this to be very distracting. It is very hard to follow when they're talking about their earnings. This gap is not gap. What you comparing? Yep. I, yeah, I I know my, it's not my this is not a Microsoft. Neither of us. It's absolutely. And could we could we could it go away? I'm really getting tired of that. Let us break and then come back and talk about your tips and picks of the week. What do you say? All right time for a little coffee break in Berlin. While we talk about a way to give every IT person listening today a break in their life. If you're the person who gets the alerts. And I think probably we all right, you know, it can be like a pinball game when all the, you know, the life, the computer and the phone light up like Christmas trees, all these alerts most of which are related to something that happened. But that's something that happened is buried deep within the alerts, and then there's all these side effects you've got to as quickly as possible combs through this rubbish to find the pony. Or you could let MC soft find the pony for you. No, mere mortal can analyze all those alerts in and respond all those tickets and you don't want to. You don't have to, but Mook soft a. i. ops can and you don't even have to train it. You don't have to give it rules. It learns. It watches you. Of course, it's got a bunch of intelligence built in, but then as as you go, oh, reduce your IT alerts tickets by up to get this ninety percent guaranteed. You'll only see actionable work items. Not all the chaff that goes along with the thing. You got to work on. What they do is they cluster events all the things that happened to correllated situations. And this is the thing the machine learning is learning. All. This is all a piece of a puzzle of a situation. You don't have to look at another alert or ticket ever. Again, you just go, what's the situation? Let's fix it. It was developed for the enterprise because not because they want to take your job because they love you and they want you to do your job better. They want to turn you into a hero, no rules, no filters, no models. It's you don't have to do any digital work it. It just integrates with your existing tools. It Mook soft, AI ops, they have your back. They're not here to replace you. They're here to make you a support hero. Thanks to machine learning the lower the frequency and duration of repeat incidence. You will get back to doing what you do best..

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