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Of the nba finals set to be played. Tomorrow night right here near zona the bucks even the series of course by winning games three and four in milwaukee combining a really strong inside game on offense with tougher defense. Chris paul frank. Historically in the nba finals in the series is tied to the win game. Five is one won the series seventy two percent of the time. Do you believe whoever wins tomorrow. Night we'll win this series. Not necessarily this series of season has been unpredictable. Back to milwaukee's best win. This season was beating the brooklyn nets in the second round. They were up seventeen on the road in game. Five ended up losing that game one at home. Then they came back to brooklyn in one game. Seven milwaukee this year think about it. They won twice in miami on the road twice in atlanta. They had the big game seven in brooklyn. I still think they can get a game here. But they don't win tonight tomorrow. And i i still think they can win. Game seven the big thing will be. Can they get a better performance out of everyone. Including jrue holiday. Including honest. Because you know this microphone phoenix. I left milwaukee thinking. I should have won that game. I just a better team. I just didn't execute down the stretch. The turnovers from chris. Paul were big. We'd into a good job on khris middleton. It's still phoenix a series to win. But i'm not gonna say th if they win tomorrow night. That means it went in this series. Absolutely not frank. I'm pretty much with you on this. I don't think either team has established itself necessarily as the better team. And i know you and i sorta how we watched. The playoffs wind is somebody really established itself as the better team. That hasn't happened. Phoenix had a chance to make that happen in game former walkie the night. They didn't do it so now. You've got these big questions one. Are you gonna get middleton and yannis to play that well in tandem again twice Is chris paul gonna bounce back and beat the chris paul. We've seen the entire playoffs except for like the last game and a half. What is going on there. Do we believe the the when they say nothing. Nothing wrong with them. I mean we. We've heard that now. Nothing's wrong with chris physically in terms of some new injury. So i mean you got hit just as you framed it. You've got some big questions. There is booker up for at least one more game in tandem with chris paul which we saw in denver a couple of times. We saw in los angeles against the lakers. And the clippers. And you can't ask answer all these things to you. See these guys on the floor. This this is. This is turned into a great series. I can't wait for game five but who can predict what the hell is going to happen in this series now and there were a couple of times during the game where might bring the broadcast mentioned chris paul grabbing his left hand his left wrist so i think he is carrying an injury. He's not going to come out and admit that and say that he's struggling. You know chris paul and over the last few days all everyone's talking about is the fifteen turnovers in the last three games monty williams came out today during mediaeval ability and said that's an aberration. You're going to see those games. We know once every hundred games at paul. You'll watch he'll be better. I think chris paul you know this. He's got a lot of pride. He knows very often. I expect a big time. Performance had him in game five. This is literally the opportunity of a career of a splendid hall of fame career. It's still the first son. He's he's been this close to grab it. And i i still. I'm not betting against chris. Paul not doing that. You think if you're the bucks you gotta get honest back underneath the basket in the paint. Jan dominant i did not. The block was great. I didn't like the way that he played for the most part most games. That's why i think phoenix. They had to be kicking themselves to that because they were the better team in game for all right big developments with the men's olympic basketball team. Kevin love withdrew today saying he's not at peak performance so the squad will reportedly edge mcgee in kelvin johnson to replace love and bradley beal. Who of course left the team. After entering the health and safety protocol. Mike are mcgee and johnson. What team usa needs my first reaction is not necessarily johnson's played for pop. Iv knows what exactly you can get from johnson and sometimes it's unsung. Gosh who knows that better than pop coach guys. Who don't need eye-popping numbers. They don't need that. They got enough that so maybe johnson will be like a twelve hundred sixty can defend can do all the intangible things that any kind of championship team olympic or league needs. But they're going to get a couple of guys they need. We don't know how sturdy they're going to be how much energy they're going to happen. Middleton and booker and holiday to those guys seems to me that's what they're going to need wing players dominate the world not just the nba the world and those guys can get out and do various things in the position as basketball is played today. I don't know maybe maybe pop must see the need for a big therefore javale mcgee. Who can do some other. Intangible things block some shots take advantage of the international rules which are different in the nba rules. So i'm not gonna say no. The team doesn't need those guys but it needs to three guys who are still playing in the nba finals. Yeah particularly bradley. Beal in love gone. Yeah and let's remember. They still have kevin durant and damian lillard on the team. Also you know you mentioned Popovich with kelvin johnson. Let's not forget that. Steve kerr coach. Javale mcgee and steve curtains assistant coach on this team. So i think in this moment when you're really scrambling i think. They wanted to go with something that they know they know javale mcgee they held and i listen i understand trail. I like the fact that he wants to be on the team and he sent out a tweet kind of comparing himself to isaiah thomas. When you make the dream team we love trae young trae. When is eight and make the dream team. He had one two. Nba championships. so it'd be slow down a little bit and jabil mcgee. That first game against france they have rudy gobert. I think this was a big issue to bring in a guy which size and i think a mistake that they made and i give. Kevin love a lot of credit for wanting to be on the team but physically. He wasn't ready the way that he played against.

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