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Foot eleven and whereas yarmulke riots that you've also got this center forgot was name is center approach him tim kevin de leon democrat he reclassify consensual sex on college campuses rape if consensual sex on college campuses rape that they could have half three fourths of the men in this country and women in prison on that i mean consensual sex is not rape i mean are they defining this stuff and they bypass the police all woman has to do is he touched mary did this or that and bam they bypassed the police a lot of people are going to be in real serious trouble on that aren't they wow you you brought up a point earlier about some sort of masculinity administrator there costs money and it's also a pension and there's overhead related to hiring all these administrators will what happened during the obama administration is that the expanded title nine which is which was originally just created to allow more women and sports they expanded that batch to include sexual assault he issues and all of these social justice issues which that encouraged all of these social justice warriors many women to rise up and claim false claims of rate they started using statistics which was based on a faulty study that one in four women on college campuses are right that was an absolutely an absolute study absolutely false it should have been to the trash i it had no basis in reality there was no scientific about the study i it was simply a study produced so the narrative would be that hot the title nine expansion has to occur and what happened was after the expansion occurred then you have to hire additional title nine administrators and you'd have to hire additional title nine eurocrat on every college campus and so what happened was many men were being char charged or accused of rape those charges were not spent to the police the police were not involved to investigate alleged crime it was the title nine administrators whereby then the accused would have to sit with the accuser in front of an unelected ford of government bureaucrats and then that would be that those would be the people who would spend decide the fate of guilt or innocence so it completely trampled on the fourth amendment protections of college aged men and we've seen recently just in one of today's story that.

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