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In the post the palatine high school teacher right she finds the word white privilege as racist as the quote end word former student Leah Holloway I feel like she should get fired honestly there is no relation the same as saying that and were you I just started it she said that the district says the posted no way reflects the values and principles of district two eleven a virtual board meeting will be held next week and several parents and teachers plan to join a meeting to discuss the firing of the social studies teacher the stock markets sink its worst day in nearly three months all three major indices tanking toward the end of the trading day amid fears of a second wave of corona virus in addition to a poor weekly jobless report we'll have those closing numbers coming up and speaking of those job numbers one and a half million more people applied for unemployment last week ABC's Aaron Katersky has more number of new claims for unemployment benefits is trending down but by any measure the job market is in rough shape one point five million Americans applied for jobless benefits last week and the federal reserve is predicting an unemployment rate above nine percent for the remainder of the year the fed said there would be an extended period where work will be hard to find in Illinois there were nearly forty five thousand residents who filed new unemployment claims Orland park is pushing to move to phase for tomorrow amid the pandemic here's mayor Keith pack every other expert in in the world the who the CDC the federal government every state uses fourteen days removed a face to face the only place we're not doing that is here in Illinois but governor Pritzker says the restore Illinois plan needs to stay the course he says politics should not guide health decisions cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle announcing a forty million dollar grant for contact tracing to them tend to hire its suburban cook county residents for these jobs who are culturally competent multi lingual and have great communication skills cook county department of public health director Dr Karen Joshi says he will prioritize applicants from areas that are most vulnerable and most impacted by Carone covert nineteen nine states including Texas and California have seen a coronavirus spike since Memorial Day Texas one of the first states to reopen is reporting two consecutive days of record breaking hospitalizations in Illinois there are seven hundred sixty six new coronavirus cases and ninety one additional death in the last twenty four hours and now WGN sports here's Kevin pal most of the world's top ranked golfers are back on the golf course competing on the PGA tour for the first time since the pandemic pause play the opening round of the chart Charles Schwab challenge in fort worth without fans in attendance is under way Justin rose paces the field at seven under Tiger Woods sitting this one out but is expected to compete next week if the NHL does resume its season this year the Blackhawks will be playing some meaningful games in the qualifying round of the playoffs my question a manager Stan Bowman says his players are ready for postseason play there's a renewed energy certainly for the players have been championship teams in the past they know what it's like and for the other players younger players who haven't played in the NHL playoffs before I know there's that anticipation of what it can be so all looking forward to that chance and NHL training camps set to open July tenth if the league employers union can reach an agreement to resume the.

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