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Her name. Is lauren show. But her friends called her l. l. like gabby had this dream of kind of starting over driving across country in a van being on the road so she hopped in a tour bus with her friend who she used to date named corey and they drove from new jersey to california where they were staying in this like airbnb situation with a bunch of artists. L. was a chef and while she was out there. According to stacey moore's reporting for high desert star she quote boughten old school bus and was converting it into a food truck and quote but all her dreams seem to have come to a crashing halt on june twenty eight. That's when she walked out of the place that she was staying at three pm and was never seen again. Her friends didn't know where she was going. According to a statement corey gave stacey more quote. She was apparently trying to take her car at the time but she didn't have the keys. She had an intention to go somewhere. And i know she was dating again and quote. He talk more about her dating saying that he knew that she'd gone out with someone previously. But he didn't ask who and of course now. He's kicking himself that he didn't because unlike the ten minute window when they weren't together she walked out and he hasn't seen her since something felt wrong to him right away about her walking away again. You know financing my friend in ten minutes. Maybe i wouldn't freak out. But he was freaking out. He immediately started looking for her and even got a group of friends to go out towards the mountains and trails in the direction. He saw her walking to look for her but they couldn't find anything after a couple of hours like at five thirteen. They were calling the sheriff for help. Now because of how little reporting there is out there on this case. I don't have a ton of background about what happened before she walked out but there was a reason for everyone being so frightened so quickly. According to jake and grassi is reporting for news channel. three l. had made some comments about self harm before walking out the door that day so there was an urgency in looking for her but when the sheriffs got out there they found something interesting quote the found all of my tracks and my friends tracks but none of hers and quote and that was a quote from cory cory and the others wonder if she got in a car with someone. Maybe that's someone who she was seeing or maybe she even hitchhiked in the early days. Everyone hoped that this was some big misunderstanding. Like she didn't even know people were looking for her. According to high desert star quote sheriff's calls show others claim to see her with a man at a restaurant in yucca valley end quote but nothing seems to have materialized from that the sheriff's office did searches in the first two days but after no one found anything those were called off they tried again on july twenty fourth even with a plane but again they found nothing and at that point l. Had been missing for almost a month on july thirty first bow. Instead of searching out in the wilderness invest eater started looking a little closer to lawrence home base. Because they served what we now know was a second search warrant on that saturday at six. Am to wear l. was living since that update which came in early august. There has been nothing even in the month. She was missing there. Were only three or four news articles. So there's a chance that she is out there and just doesn't know people are looking for her. How is it going to get to her. I am glad that gaby is getting national attention to help find her. And i'm glad that literally every outlet has a story on her and her family deserve that. But i think l. and every other missing person deserves that to we need to get this on tectonic in social media because there's another missing woman for whom time is precious. Anyone with information about lauren. Show is asked to call detective. Sean abel's at the sheriff station. Seven six zero three six six four one seven five. There's a reference number in our show notes and anyone with information about gabby petito is asked to contact the fbi tip line at one. Eight hundred call fbi. That's one eight hundred two to five five three to four and if you want to contribute to gabby families go fund me to help with investigative efforts. A lot of that is going to travel as they make trips the country to search for their daughter there is an approved gofundme me by the family linked in our show notes and on the website. But please make sure to use the link as there are a number of fraudulent pages out there right now trying to exclude the tragedy again. I encourage you all set. Your google alerts look for follow up. This case is breaking as we speak. And i hope that there will be an update soon where we can finally get some answers and find out where gabby petito.

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