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Different feeling Broncos linebacker Alexander Johnson whether on Corey Lopez more Broncos coverage continuing at my son was a football camp last night there is a dad I don't know who was an adult he was wearing Philip Lynsey's high school teachers you add in the fact that so I know everybody's excited and Philip excited to be back on the field yeah excited to be back in good to have back sports brought to us by international hot tubs five straight days of practice to start training camp for the Broncos get little day of rest today at least the players do but not the coaches work a normal day tomorrow you know will work the rest of today obviously we still have meetings with the players this afternoon and will work a normal day to mark come in early and work up until dinner head coach Vic Fangio good to see Lindsay back on the field that wrist injury cut his season short a year ago but he loves being back I think is great to be with my teammates get out there run around I can win with everything a jest it was one seven months before I really test but got to transfer bottles to feel so gives the rust off but there's no better feeling than being out here sort of grind in Sweden look into man left arrive you would understand you guys doing this together preseason opener coming up a week from Thursday in the hall of fame game against the falcons out of course will be in canton Ohio falcons safety J. J. Wilcox injured an ACL in yesterday's can't practice no word yet on the severity falcons sign chiefs former chief defensive end Allen Bailey do a two year deal worth ten and a half mil Seahawks D. tackle gerund read gets a six game suspension to start the year he violating the league's personal conduct policy this is an issue which goes back to a twenty seventeen domestic violence case read was accused of assault but not charged and not arrested Rockies in nationals rained out yesterday although if you look at some of the pictures on social media the rain really didn't come in Torrance there was some but nonetheless the nationals took preventative measures and postpone the game until tomorrow when they make it up with a day night doubleheader single game.

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