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Maybe you're struggling to reach orgasm or your stresses, preventing you from getting an erection. Nothing to be ashamed of. Just set your goal and lover will curate content specifically to help you reach it. So you set goals. I thought it was like the log. Well, it probably has this then, and I did this then No, I think it probably is. It's probably I'm just thinking about a nap. I use every day, which is called, Lose it and I tracked my food and you have, like a goal you put in your weight loss school that says it's gonna take you until may 15th to reach that goal. If you do this many calories. You know what I mean? And then he couldn't put in like your activity level. Like how many calories you burn and stuff like that. Okay, So I think that I think it's Sim. I mean, it's kind of December like, what do you want to do? You have to put in a goal. I wanna whatever solo play for solo. Yeah, I'm like you need a nap for that. But he Yeah. What about making fun? Maybe people just don't know what to do. Yes. Oh, no Ideas of Things to do. Or maybe with a partner you've been with for 100 years. Yeah. Things to try. Try this, right. I wonder if they're cost your hands Yes, are very and take a shower before. The lover APP was built by this doctor. Sounds like a porn name. It sounds like a doctor. That's just gonna be in a white coat And that's it. Oh, Bill by Dr Britney Blair. It's very sexist of me. I'm sorry, a board certified sexual medic medicine clinical psychologist, along with her team of experts with decades of experience in helping people improve their sex lives. It was launched on Valentine's Day. It received over £3 million in Seed funding from the from the founder of Tender Sean Rowan, as well as other investors. So he invested a lot of money in this. It's already garnered an impressive 4.8 out of five stars on the APP store. So it really has a lot of Positive reviews. Um, you know, and hey, asking for help, it says with your sex life may present some initial awkwardness, but the game changing results could be well worth it. Especially they do make it like a game. Yeah. I mean, people love APS. We're gonna try this. Yeah, this was great. And if you get tips from other users, do you think maybe they could find love there, too? If you're single, and you've been doing some solitary for a while, when you know what else is doing Similar solitaire. I think that if you are funded by tender, there's gonna be some tender ads on there. I mean, if Sean Rad gave you £3 million To do this. I'm hearing just Britney was like, guess what you're going to get a pop up ad every five minutes or whatever. So I think that's pretty cool, because if people are having problems You know, they may feel very uncomfortable talking to their doctor about it. And you know, there are people in this field who specifically do this work, and people aren't coming in to see them because it's just too embarrassing to discuss. I mean, people don't want to talk about their sex life openly. And if they don't have the girlfriends, maybe they talk about it. And, yeah, It's not like a how to. It's just kind of laughing about it, or Yeah, this kind of thing, But you're also people aren't going to the library either. Right? You know, probably going to check that out, might be uncomfortable or even looking for it or Because really on will sign library. I hope so. Yeah. Oh, yeah, they do. But it's a digital stuff online. I think you're just going to find a bunch of porn. And maybe you're not into porn. You know what? I don't like it. You If you google that some things that you don't want to see, so I think this is great. It is once again in the APP store, and it is called lover. Okay, I'll put a link up on our show page. 23 interested. You wanna check it out more? Maybe sign up, And if you do, you can honest anonymously call us and let us know how it's going. Yes, Speaking of calling us, we're gonna play Would you rather next, and we would love to have somebody join us today Since it's just Alexis and I And we want you call 6516411071. What kind of person are we looking for? Lex? We're looking for someone who will answer more than just yes Or no. Or here's my answer. We want bubbly personality. Well, maybe not even bubbly. But just someone who has answers and is ready to play and have fun this morning. Yes, any other Yeah, That's it. You're done. Get get ready to have some fun with us, but not creepy. All right? Yeah, Yeah, yeah, that's true. 6516411071 call us and play. Would you rather we'll do that next? My talk one of 71..

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