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So we're gonna look at oprah. I and how her refusal to sell out led directly to the launch of her book club. You heard me to explain how this could be. I got back up again. To the beginning of the oprah winfrey show really to the show that preceded. Am chicago all am chicago. It's a hysterical for historical i am. Chicago is a low rate at half hour. Daily talk show when oprah took over hosting it in january of thousand eighty-four within a month of her arrival amp. Chicago was the highest rated. Talk show in the chicago land area and there was an intern working at am chicago. She started the day after oprah. My name is alice mcgee. Alice was a student at chicago's northeastern university. Under commute to the office she would always read a novel about three or four weeks into the job. She was heading out holding the book. She was gonna read in her hands. Because it didn't fit in her purse. Oprah thought it was the color purple the pulitzer prize winning novel by alice. Walker about a young black woman in one thousand nine hundred georgia issues. What are you doing with that book as for my l. Ride home alliston..

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