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So how Democrats need to engage with these communities in more meaningful and less transactional ways? Everybody about the Latino vote. Nobody talks about the serious lack of investment in Latino democracy. I don't a lot of analysis on democracy in. We have a lot of research on the issue that he said the correlation between spending money. Internal. Most of the money in the nation, historically when it comes to the goes to white communities. It, obviously, we were familiar with the historical exclusion of the African American community in all may seem battles. Now that we are mourning the dead. The Mason in John Lewis among were Rometty marches etcetera. But in the Latino, community. There has is the Moss on their funded community when it comes to democracy. We can look at the spending from foundations in the only spend one percent of their total budgets in the Latino community. Can we are almost twenty percent of the population? Wow. We can look at the parties both bodies. In weakened historically, Cup, they can the community for granted when it comes to investments CAP. In I compaign earlier this year, but I met with the. Candidates in the primary. The dams and I asked all of them. How much of your spending in the Latino community they give me a number. Most of the Indian had a number in what percentage of your total budget. Committee Latinos Latina's you have in your staff. What are you commitments on policy priorities? What can you commit to do in the first one called the day? So we hubbell this video and hopefully with our new. RESI THAN ALLEGRA GONNA immediately launch a campaign to put pressure on those policy priorities. But the point is nobody historically is really investing in the Latino community. In good numbers. We US an organization now in familial that we do this on the ground. When you the rights, Investments Latinos amounting. She's numbers in turn out even more than other communities. So the message right now for this election is less do the right thing lesson based in the Latino community. Let's do the border occasion. Let's make sure that we hubble the tools that we don't want something exclusive for us, which is one. Just something that he saw other great for community to be able to vote in this election. Seeing the excitement of the people ready to engage in the understanding of what is happening. We have the census going on right now, and trump has recently put out an executive order to exclude undocumented residents, and since this outreach is now ending a month early now supposed to end on September thirtieth. How are you fighting against this blatant effort to undercount communities of color, and how can we help make sure that this doesn't happen..

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