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Line to walk. So obviously, they're like, well, he he's got the candy from the House so. They asked what do you remember from getting this candy and he said he had only seen the person's arms and they were hairy. Oh okay. Cool. Not like Harry arms or gross, but it's like creepy like the person. Like. New to hide they're the only thing that he could see. So initially, when speaking to police, he couldn't remember which house he'd gotten the the candy from which they're like okay. Yeah. You're probably like in turmoil and then Timothy's funeral. Came along and the church was packed he was only a third grader at the time. It's really awful the O'Brien families obviously devastated at the service, his Dad Ronald saying him and went on to tell reporters he was all boy he loved football basketball anything. He never met a stranger, but I have my peace in knowing Tim is in heaven now. So the following day they take him out again and they're like we want to jog your memory and see if like this time in the daylight, you can figure out what house it was. So on the third trip around the neighborhood, he finally remembered the house. and. Pretty quickly, they learned that the owner of the house was an air traffic controller and he had not gotten home until eleven pm on Halloween night and there were several people to verify his alibi. Over two hundred people could verify she was at work at concert us. I guess he worked at an airport so. People saw him I guess So he was like that was not me I don't know if his arms were. Harrier, not. So is the theory that it was the wrong house or that someone else broke into his house and tried to look like him see. So his wife and daughter had been home that evening but they ran out of candy, which is why they turn the lights off and they said, no one answered the door none of us answered the door the night. So with no leads, they were like Shit. This is just like back to this urban legend. A sadistic stranger is out here on a random neighborhood handing out candy and like laced with poison for fun radio. So the first documented case of something like this happening was in Long Island in nineteen sixty four where a woman named Helen file was upset with older kids that were trick or treating. So she handed out dog biscuits, steel wool, and poison aunt buttons. and she said it was just a joke but she was found guilty of endangering children. And then following this in the seventies, there were more reports of tainted. Candy. Some stated that several children have died and hundreds have narrowly escaped serious injury from razor blades. So that was the one that like we used to hear razor blades and you're all the time in your candy bars I, remember hearing like LSD, and I've talked to my brother recently, he was like who's giving out there like I mean I, always heard the like like, Oh, I was hurt either razors and like the candy that you're GonNa like down or it was that people like people were putting drugs in your candidate who on shaving away or? That up theory doesn't even make sense exactly I heard it and some people legitimate league in my hometown believes like I have to check their candy because there might be drugs. Yeah I mean unless it's like anthrax. Ant poison also, but like cyanide cyanide no nobody's handing out there joints. And it's like they're CBD vape. Well. That W-. That's fun. I would love that. So Timothy's case became like this I mean people were basically like raise this must be this urban..

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