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But not you take care of the water. We see this. Same question being played out at bears ears. Don't we? And there's a way in which for me. And maybe for you. The heartbreak of of the of standing rock for me. I felt some ball at the designation of the bears ears national monument that this was to be a place to really protect tribal lands of five different nations. And you know what? Now, the the management plans that were being hatched for forbears ears actually included using traditional knowledge traditional practices as well as the tools of western resource management to manage that land was going to be a profound act of healing to to again, green recognition and used to need of ways of thinking. And we see here gathered the coalition of five tribes who had worked for decades. To get the designation of this sacred cultural landscape, and if you think back to that. The thought bubbles of what land means the bears years checks every single one of them in an ancestor cultural landscape. And so that was a beacon wasn't it. Of hope for the way that we might. You've seen this ready. But as we know with another stroke of that same pen this to be historic act of healing and Justice for native peoples on public lands, what's undone with the stroke of a pen and the bears ears. National monument was shrunk by eighty five percent, you, you know, this with the stated reasoning that this land was to be returned to who. We the people that this land was to be returned to the citizens of the United States. We have to ask again what you mean by what you mean kilo survey who is we in this case. And again, the answer was heard loud and clear was it returned to the ancestor people knows taken from the ancestor people was it return to you as part of the public. Maybe or was in.

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