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One of the underrated elements of springsteen of springsteen as a for lack of a better word manager. Guess like i think that part of the reason that both east street and the other band have been so great over time is that he kind of can look at a group of people listen to their tapes and see where their strengths are and help build a band. The capitalizes on on that stuff. So there's an element of him just kind of willing them to greatness and i think there's also an element of like these are very talented musicians. And that's why they picked out by. Bruce springsteen Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of settlers thing. Bruce your podcast. All about bruce springsteen his music mostly his fans. I am your host jesse jackson and Today we are talking bruce but we also are talking greatest movie ever made. He says with I talents maybe question mar joining me in a return engagement Russ was here last. July russ burlingame. Welcome to the show. Thank you thanks for having me As i was saying to you off my i've been wanting to come back. But i'm the kind of neurotic who's doesn't feel. Welcome unless they have a reason. Well i want you to know. I say this officially anytime you just even come up with. Hey i just. I have this random wild blank. Thought about bruce music. Jesse can i join the show. So you're always welcome. What's funny is i every so often i do and i always try to figure out their way for me to retrofit this for my day job can i. Can i turn us into comic book. Dotcom story somehow. You're always welcome to join me so For those of you. Who may up for those of you. Who came late in the spirit of the phantom give us a give us tell us about yourself entertainment journalist for the last twenty years. I've been writing about the geek space and right now on year. Eleven of working for comic book dot com. And if you've heard of us it was probably in the last few years as we've gotten huge i. I've been there since there was thirteen. Thousand people reading and nobody would tell them the name. And every oh so you draw comics on which. I'm a reporter. Who covers that industry and adjacent media which you know for me. Jason media is cover a lot of the arab shows and stuff like that. I am a tv writer primarily. And i like to dip back into comics as often as i can because i love them a i've been a springsteen fan on the one hand as long as i can remember because growing up. My dad had the tapes in the car. All the time. I think i you last time. I remember thinking as a kid that for you was like a wildly successful song because it sure it was a song that was just on all the time. It was really catchy. And so like. I remember thinking like that was a huge that that was springsteen's day hit which nineteen eighty-four probably was not a widely held conception by anybody but So i've i've i've been around music.

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