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Sent by the personal chef tom cruise who is one of my close friends named nico he just like bacon eggs in protein shakes any go jim again because the days out and then go he'd want the gym the entire shame wing himself probably tunnels forgives sneaking people into all these empty wings and then i don't know those have no cameras or he's in charge of the camera i don't know it sounds like the loneliest it does and then it talked about how he wanted to bring his mom and his sisters in deciding towel gee we were fono what happened to mary pat she died but he said she was lovely his mom was lonely she was the only one would acknowledge him he said that basically tom cruise has is not kind of people unless there's a camera in place and that when he got with katie holmes he talks about how they were looking for people you know who is i dish in the additions in that one of the women who was besties with scarlett johansson brought scarlett johansson and for the addition scarlett johansson figured out what they were doing and said i'm not up for this for this arrange rates and so the best he was told by scientology never to talk to her again so those who don't talk anymore and then he goes on to say with katie holmes i don't think anyone would take would people sign up for i feel like tom cruise not anymore this was back before was all known none of this was known yet scarlet was good friends with erica christian since parenthood you know i mean it's a it's it's it's just it's really anyway i hope he's going to be a guest on lee rempac because guys mom's still in the church he says it's like okay i always love in the churches scientology does this unsubstantiated claim by apostate who has a personal axe to grind now apostate is such a super religious word well they got a couple of those worried because there's can you imagine the catholic urge releasing the hassle to me but i know donnie read the textbook definition of a pastime posterity person who renounces a religious belief or principle.

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