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What about you? I mean, did you have any side careers side hustles before football that maybe you look back on you like, man, I can't believe I did that. No. Like football was all consuming. It was. Yeah, that that was my all of my hustles must side hustle. My my main hustle. It definitely. I didn't have any other. I'd other things that I was interested in doing. But football was the thing. It became kind of like a fulltime job or not a fulltime job, but it became a job in, I guess, like sophomore junior year in high school when it was all right. Well, I need to get a scholarship, so I need to really focus on this. But yeah, I'm not. I'm not that funny. I couldn't do stand up. You are that funny, but you're a reaction it like you your responses to stuff like that's that's what makes stand up comedy in Saint, like you're going up there. You know, the audience may like it may not like it could interrupt, but like you have to generate the content like there's a guy, big j o Kherson is one of my favorite comedians and he, he just put out an album. That is all crowd work. And that to me is terrifying, but he gets up there and just controls the conversation, controls the pace, and he put out a whole album of it and it's hilarious in like, that's that's how I knew. I was over my over my skis like there's so many people at ESPN opposite. I have a long way to go to get on there. Leveler track down or whatever it is in like, but I will not accept to that. I'm not accepted that we, we need the remake you into a more Jalen Ramsey s there. Yeah, get outta here because you're not the, I don't believe that you actually believe that believe that you are giving us the ESPN radio version of cokes coachspeak. This is sports right now? No, I didn't radio Randy. No, but I what I was going to say before I was I was verbally jumped was. For trying to help more verbally initiate it? No, as I is, I do like I feel confident enough to be able to host a show with. I've done a show with like John Anderson or Bucci grocer some some guys who've been here a lot longer than I have in our smoother at it than I am and like, but I still felt like I belonged enough to do that. So you know, like, but with comedy, man, it was. I was like, I was so out of by element with guys who are even just local. And I say, just but like local Tampa guys guys who probably were never and will never blow up, but we're still so good. And so adaptable and versatile, and able to handle anything like that's in there doing it for twenty bucks a night. Like it's not. You know what I mean? Like talk about love of the game. I guess like that's that's what these guys were doing it for. Obviously hoping they will blow up, but they were so much better is the sportscenter anchor that's been here for a while that you're better than name names?.

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