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Hat on a table. Can't fuck around here too much. I got my shift at the coffee shop. Greet idea for told me about Joe. Blow that joke. But it's weird because todd is like one of the bosses of that department over there but on camera. It's this weird thing we're taught. Yeah which recently you'd be my boss. Thank you Catherine but we have these weird things where it's like. Hell get invited to meetings that todd. I'm not quality it's like I have. I have some information. Todd doesn't have it why we're invited me to that meeting with the fuck is going on your PA. Hierarchy is out the window this place. I don't know who to reported so fucking crazy. That's why we didn't know he was my boss for so long pattern. Mom Dad did that department DAB doing really good job who right now. I told the story how I didn't know like what I try to. Remind me who my boss was. You didn't didn't know Brandon. I think I told all of our bosses your mind I was like was he my ear. I did you hear before I knew Brandon was my boy. Do I worked for Brandon Barber. Well because you got hired I would like to like we start where she like two months after I did and we were both in. The Dungeon ragged my shit into achievement. Hunter right I messed messed it employees for I want to say like three or four months. So if we're going based on the being in the Dungeon I worked for Brandon for two days so technically technically good deal. What how do you think things would have been different? If you didn't leave the dungeon. Do you think he'd be with Artie core. What I've been doing you tell me.

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