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But if you thinking about breakaways getting into a breakaway toward France is a bit like buying lottery ticket the chance, any writer, however, have a good. They are in that situation. I pulling off a breakway when the told what is at two hundred to three hundred two on and is communist, she's chance of winning sprint the toward FRANZ winning the first brand in Brussels, which let's face it, if you won that, that would be enough MO. Than enough and is it better than three hundred twenty probably is the, the thing about the breakway. I mean, no one goes in them. I mean even last year, you know, you wouldn't have seen dimension data riders coming in certainly in until the racist kind of settled down a little bit. They've got no one in that no one in that perspective lineup that's going to know. No. When it gets harder. Two white until probably after lap launch. Be good opportunities to share for guys like Ben king. Yeah. I mean, I, I think it hinges on comedy health on presume, the team been monitoring not just a result, since the Vigna high, he's been writing highways been recovering health is like an if, if he is healthy. And you could imagine that he still you know, that, that it could just be a top waiting to be turned on. And if the circumstances are right the, you know, the tour although there all these Spence's air, we were remembered by two twenty thirteen thirty. And if you recall in Corsica, this huge crash that to a low of and David Miller, ended up second in the bunch sprint was second or third on the bunch sprint albeit wanna think by Marcel Kissel wasn't an he was, but he was about the only sprint third left. I'm not suggesting that, you know, so many similar could happen, or we want to top, and you just never know and some of these sprinters might be boxed in or taken, I or not there and common dish with the skills e. Has in those situations there might be a chance. And if he's there, he's the sort writer, chance, do you think that waiting to see how he does in British championships in Norfolk of the weekend? I'm not sure not show. He even knows exactly what the time line is. I'm when the choices can be made. I think Steve Cummings is in a similar position dimension data. He didn't finish the dolphin. I was hoping to put in a good performance of the definite and to write his last toward France didn't happen. He fell out by pull out their owner, so. You know there's a lot of uncertainty. And I think the one thing you can't say with with not team with comedy. He's not there isn't anyone obvious waiting in the wings, young rider whose, whose position he would be taking who's opportunity candidate would be taking. It was thrown in. So you know, I still think that he has a decent chance of being selected. Kospi's is supported.

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