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To get out on two charter flights on Thursday and Friday after the Taliban approved Those planes landed in Qatar cleanup time in eastern Canada after a brush with Hurricane Larry. Nearly 30,000 people remain without power and the roof was blown off of an elementary school in Saint John's the province capital. In Newfoundland. Residents in the Atlantic Coastal province woke up two streets littered with branches and debris torn and tossed by the ferocious winds and sheets of rain of hurricane Larry Larry made landfall as a Category one storm with sustained 80 mile per hour winds just after midnight. Right on the southern coast of the island. That stocks is and Carrick despite the widespread damage, there have not been any reports of injuries. I'm Pam who so and this is Fox News. This news is brought to you by a Lumineers. Tonight is an audiology today A high of 96 a low of 70 mostly sunny tomorrow high of 93 a low of 73 Partly cloudy with a 10% chance of rain and Monday a high of 90 love 74 a 40% chance of thunderstorms. I'm Sam McCarthy connect with us. At news radio. K l b j dot com The largest hot tub swims by Expo held over at Lake Line Mobile PetSmart. These are no final days to save up to 40 to 60% of hot tubs and swim spas payments as low as $79 a month. Five major brands, millions of dollars of inventory must be sold. These are the final days in stock, hot tubs and swims buzz already for a media delivery held over the hot tub. Swim spikes well this Friday through Sunday at Lake Line Mobile. PetSmart, call 1 800 spot sale online, a Texas partial dot com Here's my buddy Steve Daines, the general manager Roger Beasley. Mazda South Jerry. It is fantastic to be back with the car approach show and one of the largest Mazda dealers in the country. Roger Beasley, Mosses South. We have a great selection of new cars. Even with the shortage going on today, a huge selection of certified pre owned and we are absolutely going to treat our customers the right way. We believe in transparency and no addendums on our vehicles.

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