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Those exciting days of yester year with the red Gildersleeve and guilty shares leroy's piano lessons from September of nineteen fifty another classic program from the radio fault of yesterday this no send some more they're getting ready to go to the county fair he even got him a new one and I came home run or what character the Kraft Foods company presents one Waterman as the great Gildersleeve the great Gildersleeve brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers of parking margarine and all those other wonderful craft quality foods right in some of the browser on the streets tomorrow's the big day out in the great Gildersleeve how's the water commissioner is in waiting till tomorrow morning to put himself out of the fair he's dressing tonight is then thirty five dollars for this suit and by George is worth it when I go to okay I'm representing the city water I got the sparkle it was at a polygamy is I guess the the plans are you and Marjorie and I got my new suit not bad thank you Michael Moore and in your time here the water commissioner and then put your Niagara Falls why is that a spot on there no the men going over the falls in a barrel you look fine ninety so what is everybody well Broncos working later tonight so we can go there tomorrow good and Bertie down in the kitchen and leroy is in the living room practicing on the piano because I get I'm give the boy a little encouragement news leave you've got this house or running like clockwork.

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