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World of creativity special series on enhancing the human experience mark phillips. I'm here with mark stinson mark. How are you. I'm good mark. We've really got an exciting interview and i think people are really again like it. I think one of the things that <hes> this guest margaret mardy johnson is an accomplished attorney and as a lawyer you know i knew of his very analytical thinking and i was hoping to hear about some of his creative pursuits in passions almost like as a diversion like here's a chance for me to get away from this analytical thinking but i think i you heard it differently <hes> the way he said these creative procedurally feed is <hes> you know so both sides of the brain get fed <hes> and i think the listeners are really gonna find. You know how that works for mardi useful yeah one of i feel the same way after hearing him talk talk about how he compartmentalized his different passions and how they feed feed one another and they support one another and they kind of you know work in. It's like a assistant. I thought it was really fascinating. That's why we dive a little deeper into how he does that because a lot of people can't do that well exactly and it's a it's a very popular taught to say that you should be whole brain thinker. Don't just be left hand left brain. Don't just be right brain but the the way he describes it and the way it works for him again. I think it's very practical and <hes> i think very useful. <hes> and i think people can get a lot aww it so. I'm happy to share it. Yeah i am too wall lunch. Jump into the interview and see what marnie has to say. Welcome to another episode of enhancing human experience for instance world of creativity. I'm mark phillips. I'm here with mark. Stinson wilhelm are great and we have with us mark johnson on the line here marty. How are you good morning gentlemen. Everything's great awesome era. Where where are you guys located this morning in. We're in boise idaho in boise. Okay hey great. You say you're in shreveport yeah. We have a little more heat than you bargained a lot more a lot more humidity so mark. Tell me how you know marty. Marty is <hes> an attorney now entry ford but we'd go back all the way to high school days and <hes>. We had a a lot of creative pursuits together in high school. You know creativity has a whole nother meaning of course but <hes> always thought <hes> you know one way to to really attract the girls in high school would be learn how to play the guitar because then you know the campfire songs and they'd say play song for me and whatever but marty had the trump that and learn how to play the banjo the band joe was more cruel and attracted talk to play the banjo just about as well as you learned how to play the guitar. Which was that is true. It isn't it kind of all about holding banjo. As fifty percent of the the gig young. I didn't lot of it has to do and i didn't realize this at the time and this is what kept me from progressing any any farther than i did was it has to do with how you use your fingers it around the neck to to do what they call hammer the streams and you're literally pressing down or very quickly on the strings on the neck at the same time. You're picking with your other hands and that's what makes it sound like it playing so fast. Wow yeah that was a long time ago. I had our i'm digging way back into the vault on these are about pushing in sixty in the end. You're talking about half a century of total between the two of us a full century and experiences and you go. We'll be here until nine o'clock tonight. So <hes> so obviously these creative pursuits <hes> in our took different directions <hes> we both did some time in radio <hes> <hes> d._j.'s local stations and martin continued that <hes> on a part time basis a lot longer than i did but <hes> i want my advertising avenue <hes> as i said marty lawyer a well accomplished attorney in town <hes> and marty..

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