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But he takes them out and the the heated made a concerted effort to really get out of bio going after. I think he had two points in game two on some of those catches closer at the elbow not so much of the three point line like the real elbow and then take a hard dribbling go score and Turner really snuck that I thought he. Did a great job on him in one on one defense. But then he goes out, they run the same play or to place in a row, just get it to autopilot the at the elbow one dribble hard go right through Sampson for two buckets and then the next play they run a screen for a bio and Samson tries to get through it and volume and each make two free throws and so that six quick points they bring Turner back in but like game. Early in the fourth and so another one of those little things where you can say, Hey, you know what? Like we're going to match up miles turner with them out of bio every single minute that he's in the game and we're going to make them post will match up. Takhar Sampson, against Kelly Olympic instead and or dirt Jones instead. So he can't kill us this way and six points and yoga you her back in but you just lost six points and I think the countered yet other ways we've been drawing this comparison between the two coaches that Jerry Jones junior at center hadn't worked as. Well in this series and so more more Kelly, a winnick blessed dirt on CNN Center I think made a lot sense the one thing that I? Do you questioned with SPO- not going back to Duncan Robinson Lady did have five files, but it's like hero was getting cooked brogden anyway I thought Robinson was has been okay. Ish on Brandon's at least got more size and that was kind of the problem for hero was brought in is just able to get a shoulder by and shoot over him with his superior size and strength. So and Robinson really gives them some so much more to me than hero of. I mean hero especially because they don't need heroes shocker nation in those lineups they already have. Yeah I mean, they've got drag. It's they've got Butler already to run a pick and roll. So do the off ball stop and heroes decent at that but he's still not as good as Robinson. So that was if Indiana head come back to that could have been you point to Robinson didn't close out their game on Thursday either never came back in. In the fourth. So that's that'd be something to watch maybe particularly because I think Duncan Robinson against the bucks, it is a unique throughout but the perhaps bode trust hero more densely I mean hero like competes harder maybe but I don't know that he's been better at least a in this series. We'll see a particularly against the bucks you might want to have. More size out there but that's just something to monitor under Allah continues even though he's not a huge offensive player to just be a positive player for them he just always makes the right pass in a pink ball movement situation. You know he'll just take a couple of GERBILS activate the defense, keep it moving. He doesn't make mistakes defensively is good. Communicator particularly, the switch he has a ton of experience with it doesn't surprise me that they've done this switching with there now because he really fits into that system and they know that vitriol depot, I mentioned that play where he doesn't help on the back Serena, Butler gets the layup. He just got his ask kick defensively by Dunkin Robinson in the. Second which is part of why it was annoying me that they didn't go back to holiday and put Ola deep on somebody else at that point because I mean here's the sequence I he just gives up a straight back door and like a top lock situation and he doesn't have helped behind him. You can't just top locker guy because remember Turner is. Up on a bio so there's no real back to help. So he gives up a lay up there to Robinson then he comes down and takes that terrible running jumper from two-point range. Then he gives up a three shot foul in the corner to Robinson, and then he loses Dunkin Robinson again for no reason and gives up another three. So it was. Really just about as rough of a stretch and Doug Robinson's a really good player like he's causes problems but vigil depot did not do a good job in that considering there are just all these sort of like lil two or three play sequences where Indiana just seems like they're they're playing pretty neck and neck with these guys and then you get like two. Or three days in a row where they just grew up or they commits a bad files and they're just not disciplined and that's what it costs game. Let's jump to bucks magic first game of the day on. Saturday might be the last time we talked about the series. Yeah. I don't think we're GONNA talk too long I. think that this game kind of. We've seen overall from the series it mostly not entirely gone for him. I mean especially given some of the late running Orlando ended up shooting nineteen forty on threes in this game, which is not something that we expected to other shooting personnel has actually gotten friendlier with some of the absences but Milwaukee sealed off sealed off the rim again, only twelve shots in the restricted area for Landau in this game and fourteen free throws. So not getting to the line that much and then Milwaukee won seventeen offensive rating made enough. Of their threes I thought that either the this this looked like what I expected the rest of the series I think. So I mean only even two of six in the first half when it was basically a third thirty point lead and the game was over at that point Orlando came back with some really good shooting as you mentioned that nineteen forty three point shooting. But worth noting that even with nineteen out of forty three point shooting the overall numbers for Orlando in terms of their offense efficiency were pretty poor here. Forty two percent on twos and I believe that's the second given road where they've been around that level in two hundred. Yeah and so the talk arc numb wrote about this for the athletic after Game One and then game two was, hey, we actually made some like matchup specific adjustments here to try and take stuff away from Bucci Bitch for example, and Bridgford still killed him in game one anyway and Nicole Butchnevich is. A good player yet he's wasn't as good in this game, but he's not going to beat the Milwaukee Bucks four games out of Seven I. Think like your base defense is probably good enough against her lender and this isn't it will be an interesting conundrum here for Mike Daniels or something that came up in the Toronto series of Hey you know is the basie fence good enough do you need in that game five? They start switching against why they're doing this extreme thing where they're just not gonNa let him go right under any circumstances he ends up beating that down the end. It's a lot of people saying maybe they should just stick with their base defense now Bruno's of course, gets pilloried even on this program at times trying to be evenhanded about it of not adjusting enough and I think that was definitely the case for. Him For the Hawks against the Cleveland Teams in two, thousand, fifteen sixteen but it's he may have gone too far. I thought in the series against Toronto where they were really very good against Toronto I thought most of the series I thought their defense was good enough to win most that there is just they couldn't score, and so they did switch up defense and and hit a couple of big three's overbrook Lopez An. Three COUPLA might have been like long twos but and they ended up losing that series. So I'm just something to watch against Orlando. It probably wasn't a matter ultimately, but the end, the base defenses good enough. You know just the Milwaukee is a team that does a few things incredibly well, and the question of do they just stick with that or do they switch up little but they? Do have better personnel to switch up this desire to with Marvin Williams it's just GonNa be something to monitor but not really a stress issue in this series particularly I think that's totally fair..

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