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And the Gandhi in Tampa as well. Westbound travel on I four slow from the Selma connector to seventy five and we're also seeing slow traffic, heading south on I seventy five just south of Fowler avenue page, Karrar, NewsRadio WFL, a warm and humid, this evening, and overnight, sunny, hot and dry tomorrow. Ninety two degrees now at NewsRadio WFL a ESPN is reporting that the Tampa Bay rays have received permission from major league baseball executive council to explore a plan to play early season home games at the Trump and the remainder of the year in Montreal under the plan, the raise would reportedly play in new stadiums in both the bay area and Montreal. And they'll be executive council which includes race owner, Stuart Sternberg gave the race permission to explore the. Sister city possibility during owners meetings yesterday. And today sources say the timetable for any potential move likely depends on whether the rays can strike a deal for a new stadium. In a statement Sternberg said he is committed to keeping baseball in Tampa Bay for generations to come, and that he believes the concept is worthy of serious consideration. And Okaloosa county sheriff's deputy has been arrested and fired after investigators learned he tried to lure a nine year old Polk County girl for sex Polk County sheriff Grady, Judd says forty year old Kansas Sadler came in contact with the girl through an online gaming app and allegedly pretended to be an eleven year old girl named Jade, the introduces her to nasty terms about photographs, and then he also wants our nine year old to take pictures of herself and send to him. Which after he grooms her sufficiently. She does John Sadler used the Jade persona to prepare the girl to have sex with a friend of Jade's father who he called Jason Sadler was arrested after the victim's mother found pictures on her phone Sadler is a retired army ranger had been with the sheriff's office in July. He faces multiple felony counts in both counties. F- HP says charges are pending in the wrong way crashed the Chuck down. All northbound lanes of I seventy five near beers for hours yesterday afternoon. A forty five year old motorcyclist was killed when trooper say an eighty four year old man made a u-turn off to seventy five entrance ramp into the northbound lanes of the interstate and slammed head on into the motorcycle the wrong way driver suffered serious injuries. Well, we're all getting older, and some new numbers from the government show, just how gray America is getting the median age of US citizens is now a bit.

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