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Stugatz here if you're into sports than it's your favorite time of year ncw march madness and it isn't just one game it's an entire tournament make sure you're ready refresh every round by heading to walmart to pick up coca cola coke zero sugar and of course powerade donlevatar yo chicken times to god's smarter ga vc's donlevatar show with his two guys on espn radio we're all very excited chris ended in studio he's going to be hanging around the show today he'll be revealing his top six quarterbacks in the nfl but we figured a long road so here is a very brief and efficient montage explaining how we got to this point we heard that you had blake bortles ranked as the seventieth ranked quarterback in the nfl and we just wanted to check in with you to find out who is sixty ninth and who is seventy i sixty nine at probably go with austin davis the backup quarterback for the seattle seahawks right and then seventy one i'm going to go cody kessler of the cleveland browns now could i put this into context of how i got to this conversation a little bit no so who's number sixty eight number sixty eight i'd have to go at tj yates would you be okay with us calling you every day until we've gotten the number one holy cow long time please i do i do have a job but i think we can manage i like you and god's enough to work around my schedule and figure this out it's only pain in the bud i'm going to actually have to figure out my next sixty seven sixty seven best quarterback that is car dale jones the third string quarterback for the los angeles chargers.

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